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AlgorithmicTrading.net’s journey began in August 2013 when it’s lead developer and owner began offering his trading systems to the public.  The purpose was to begin offering what he considered to be high quality trading systems to both retail traders and high net worth investors. Richard had been trading the markets off and on since 2001 (with not much success) and quickly realized that minimizing the emotions of trading was the key to success.

In February 2014, the parent company Quant Algorithms LLC was formed. Since then, AlgorithmicTrading.net has been providing what we consider to be robust trading systems to the general public. These automated trading systems place trades on the S&P Emini’s (ES) utilizing a quantitative approach to trading the markets.

Richard Metzger

Lead Developer & Founder of Quant Algorithms LLC

Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering back in 2001 ( computer science emphasis). I’ve worked for Fortune 500 companies as a logic design engineer including Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Qualcomm until 2013 when I decided to start my own Algorithm Development Company. My expertise in algorithm development, finite state machine coding/design and advanced mathematics has made me the perfect fit for quant/mechanical trading.

As far as trading goes, I traded on the side the entire time while doing the corporate grind, mostly losing money as my emotions whipped me in and out of trades at pretty much the exact wrong time. It wasn’t until I began doing research on quant trading that I began to realize there is a better way.   I signed up with tradestation and began coding very basic algorithms and quickly started to realize the power of back-testing. The bad news was that also started the “learning phase again” quickly realizing that back-testing is only a small part of the battle.  I coded over well over 300 algorithms, almost all of which did poorly when applied to live trades. A few stood out as gems and those are what we offer to our customers today. 

My best advice to future developers?  Keep your algorithm as simple as possible.  The fewer the technical indicators the better (1-2 is ideal). Be honest with yourself and try to prove your algorithm wrong. Don’t get caught up in the emotions of thinking you found the holy grail, you really didn’t because it doesn’t exist.  Be skeptical of your algorithms, try to find reasons why your algorithm will fail once going live, make adjustments and then let the chips fall where they may. Always remember, don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the sufficient. The biggest temptation one faces as a trading system developer is to create the perfect algorithm. This can lead you down the path of over-optimizing your algorithms and promotes an attitude of wishful thinking.



Introduction to AlgorithmicTrading.net

Listen to this episode from 23 January 2020. Anthony Crudele interviews our founder and developer on his transition from discretionary to algorithmic trader.


AlgorithmicTrading.net Third Party Reviews

This is probably one of the most exhaustive and well researched blog posts that I have made. Considering that this is a trading system, I wanted to really make sure that every detail was fully researched, and every piece of evidence was documented and investigated. For me, I really like this trading system and am personally very close to making a decision on purchasing the system and then opening an account at Fox Trading. A lot of mental horsepower went into the creation of the algos. And I have a double extra does of confidence in knowing that everyone involved at this company also has their money trading the system. Just too many positive variables to ignore this company.
Emmett Moore


My experience with Algorithmic Trading has been all positive. I began interacting with Rich in Jan 2017 to understand his services and perform my due diligence before investing my hard earned money. Over the next few months, we had several one on one conversations where Richard patiently answered all of my questions and concerns. He was very careful not to oversell or misrepresent the historical performance of his trading algorithms. He simply answered my questions and allowed me to make my decision at my own pace. By April, I had decided to move forward and purchase a license to use the Swing Trader methodology. I opened a self directed IRA with a third party custodian and activated the Swing Trader license. The first trade was placed in mid-April and I am happy to report that my account balance is up 30% after just 6 weeks of trading! Needless to say, I am very pleased with the performance. I have been actively trading on my own for the past ten years and have not been able to achieve anywhere near these results. Giving up control of my trading account was difficult to do. But so far, I think it was a good decision. Algorithmic Trading has my endorsement. They are completely above board and have an extremely well thought out approach to the markets. However, I highly recommend you do your own due diligence to make sure this is right for you before investing.
Steve D.

Current Customer

I am one of Richard’s first clients. At first I was super skeptical and asked a million questions, but Richard (the owner/developer) was extremely patient and helpful. I was a day-trader at the time, but Richard’s back-test results seemed too good to be true. Back then (Jan 2014) the algorithms were loaded on the client’s own computer, they didn’t use Fox Group like they do today. So Richard flew from Idaho to Los Angeles to install the system on my computer and provide a day of training. He had agreed beforehand that unless the backtest performance report on the algos installed on my computer matched his website performance report, he would not charge me. That was my proof that he and his system were for real. I still run the Legacy NQv.1 and v.2 packages of Breakout, Burst and Overnight Gap (from Jan 2014 and 2015) on my desktop and track them daily. Regarding 2017 live trading performance, the v.2 ONG had 19 straight winners before its first loss of 2017 on 2/23. Then it stopped triggering due to volatility and is still out. The v.2 Burst has had 10 winners out of 11 2017 trades. The Breakout is not doing as well, with 2 winners, 3 losers and 5 break-even trailing stop-outs. The NQv.2 package’s gain for 2017 on 4 contracts (not including commissions and slippage) is $27,100. thru today 3/01/17. The v.1 package is doing even better. The combined record of Burst and ONG trades thru today is 46 wins vs. only 8 losses. The 3 algo NQv.1 package’s 2017 gain on 4 contracts (not including commissions and slippage) is $44,780. Considering the $40,000 account necessary to handle the overnight margin requirements, that return would be over 100% in 2 months! My commission would be approx.. $1350. and slippage these days has been almost non-existent, so : ) I don’t think there are many clients still running these anymore, since most have upgraded to the newer systems, but I thought anyone interested should know that they still work. And FWIW, you won’t find a more honest and considerate businessman anywhere.
Robert K.

Current Customer

Algorithmic Trading Verified TRUSTED Business REVIEW: AlgorithmicTrading.net clients feel safe, confident, & secure when doing business with this company. They are dedicated to 100% client satisfaction, exceptional client experiences, & success. Clients have multiple outlets to voice their concerns and the company listens. Between the RipOffReports corporate advocacy program and the BBB – clients can rest assured that they will be treated fairly and with the utmost respect. Commitment to Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program, a program benefiting consumers, ensuring complete satisfaction & confidence when doing business.

ED Magedson

Founder, RipOffReport

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