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Simply fill out this form and you will be directed to our pricing page where you can see prices, past trade information, customer account examples and more.

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Getting Started with Auto-Trading in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Fill out this form and immediately receive pricing information, past trades, customer account examples and much more. 
  2. Within a few hours, an Algo Specialist will be in touch with you to answer any questions you might have. 
  3. Once you are ready to move forward, we will put you in touch with the broker of your choice. They will assist you in the final steps including opening/funding your account and filling out the Letter of Direction.

Trade Execution Options Available:

Auto-trade Execution: NFA Registered broker will auto trade your account using the package you selected. Email or call us for a list of brokers capable of trading the algorithms. Our product is 100% automated and has zero time commitment. Once you are all setup, you will receive push notifications (STONEX iBroker App) when a new trade is entered and receive daily statements from the broker you selected.