Awesome Oscillator Trading Strategy Video (part 2 of 2)

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Awesome Oscillator Trading Example: What makes algorithmic trading different (part 2 of 2)?

In this algorithmic trading strategy video, our lead developer uses a finite state machine to code the MACD + Awesome Oscillator algorithm.  This allows us to easily add sequences into the algorithms we develop. After coding the MACD + AO algorithm, the lead developer does a cross optimization to see how good the algorithm might be.  We then compare this strategy – after being simulated for 4+ hours, with 10,000 different combinations of stops, limits & AO lengths – to see how it compares to a few of our strategies.

This video series highlights the strengths of algorithmic trading – compared to standard technical trading.  Ideas are tested and strategies are defined precise enough to allow the computer to execute them. This is the second video in a two part series covering tutorials on the MACD trading Strategy + the Awesome Oscillator Trading Strategy.