The Trader Plus Trading System places day-trades on the S&P Emini futures. This is accomplished by using a proprietary blend of technical indicators designed to generate profits while greatly reducing risk.  The Trader Plus package utilizes a total of three different individual trading strategies: Day Trade Long (v2), Emerald Long and Emerald Short.  Each trading day, this strategy can place up to two day-trades each day and will exit all trades before the equity markets close.

Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Trading futures & options is not for everyone and involves substantial risk of loss.


The following information was taken from back-tested reports derived from TradeStation. While performing your due diligence, keep in mind that we are not registered Commodity Trading Advisers (CTA) and therefore this data has not been reviewed by any government agency such as the CFTC. These results include per trade commission charged by the broker, however they do not take into account the license fee charges for the use of their algorithms.


The following information was taken from back-tested results seen in the TradeStation sim account.

Back-Tested Performance Analysis (per UNIT traded)  
Per Unit Trade Size $25,000
Annual % Rate of Return +66.34%
Monthly % Rate of Return +5.53%
Average $ Gain/Mo +$1,382 Per Unit Traded
Total # Trades 945
Period Back-Tested  Jan 2017- Mar 2023
Full Back-Test Period  Jan 1995- Mar 2023
Period Live  Mar 2023 – Present
% Profitable Months 70.67%
Commission Used in Analysis  
Commission used in all reports (Futures Trade) $6.50 per round trip trade (all-in)
Draw-Down (per UNIT traded)  
Worst % draw-down (closing month to closing month) -22.3%*
Period Seen Jan 2022
Account Details  
Trades Futures Yes
Types of Futures Trades Day Trade Long/Short
Trades Options No
Account types allowed Cash, IRA, Roth IRA
Licenses available Yes
Licensing fee Contact Us for Pricing

*Estimated closing month to closing month draw-down based on back-tested period (see CFTC disclaimer, below). Note that heavier losses than indicated are possible. Maximum Draw down can be used to determine the measure of risk involved with any given trading system. It represents the maximum peak to valley loss (closing month to closing month) seen on the account during the back-tested period.

U.S. Government Required Disclaimer – Commodity Futures, Trading Commission Futures, Derivatives and Options trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures and options markets. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. This website is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures, options, or any other assets. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.

CFTC RULE 4.41: Results are based on simulated or hypothetical performance results that have certain inherent limitations. Unlike the results shown in an actual performance record, these results do not represent actual trading. Also, because these trades have not actually been executed, these results may have under-or over-compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated or hypothetical trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to these being shown. 


This back-tested report combines the three individual reports you see listed below, into a single report, which represents the complete  Trader Plus back-tested report. You will find a lot of information listed to include a performance summary, equity graphs, periodic returns, drawdown graphs, correlations along with a full trade list.  Just remember CFTC Rule 4.41 as it pertains to back-tested reports.


Individual Strategy Reports

The Trader Plus trading system trades three individual trading strategies. You can find each individual strategy contained within the Trader Plus here. These individual strategies are capable of trading alone, however they are meant to be combined into a trading system, such as The Trader Plus, in order to diversify and smooth out the equity curve.

CFTC RULE 4.41: Results are based on simulated or hypothetical performance results that have certain inherent limitations. Unlike the results shown in an actual performance record, these results do not represent actual trading. Also, because these trades have not actually been executed, these results may have under-or over-compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated or hypothetical trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to these being shown. 



Trades a total of three day-trade strategies which are designed to take advantage of market inefficiencies will attempting to reduce risk (does not hold overnight).


The Elite Trader  is a fully automated futures trading system, with zero time commitment required. Receive real-time trade alerts on your phone, and daily statements.



It is impossible to predict market direction with 100% certainty. Our methodology is to acknowledge this fact and trade multiple uncorrelated strategies  that all trade the S&P Emini’s to take advantage of both market conditions.


Our company has been around since February 2014 and our online reputation is quite impressive.  But don’t take our word for it.  We are A+ Rated on the BBB, RipOffReport Verified, certified trades our own system and have appeared in various podcasts, print magazines and online blogs.



This system uses three different day-trading strategies to increase performance by diversifying across multiple time frames and multiple indicators.

The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. Trading futures involves substantial risk of loss and is not appropriate for all investors.

CFTC RULE 4.41: Results are based on simulated or hypothetical performance results that have certain inherent limitations. Unlike the results shown in an actual performance record, these results do not represent actual trading. Also, because these trades have not actually been executed, these results may have under-or over-compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated or hypothetical trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to these being shown.  

Why would anyone prefer to use this algorithm over the others?

The Trader Plus trading system allows for a smaller account size to get started. Since it trades three day-trade strategies, the recommended unit size is only $25,000.  If someone has $35,000 or more, they should strongly consider using The Elite Trader instead of the Trader Plus.  

How long has this strategy been around?

The strategies employed in the Trader Plus Trading System have been around for various degrees of time.  The Day Trade Long has traded live since 2017, however the v2 change was made in early 2023 and simply adds a target and trailing stop. The other two algorithms (Emerald Long, Emerald Short) were developed in 2022 and began live trading in November of 2022.

What strategies are traded within the Trader Plus trading system?

This trading systems trades 3 different algorithms. It utilizes the day trade long (v2), emerald day trade long and emerald day trade short.

Is this fully automated?

Yes, just like the other systems we offer, this is a fully automated trading system. It auto-trades under a letter of direction by NFA registered brokers.


Trader Plus uses a total of 3 different strategies.  The following pictures show an example of each kind of trade, this algo can place.  As you review the trade data, please keep in mind CFTC Rule 4.41 as it pertains to the limitations of hypothetical returns.

Day Trade Trading Strategy

The Day Trade strategy places day trades on the Emini-S&P Futures when the market shows strength in the morning. It utilizes a very tight stop while trying to maximize the gains seen on winning trades. The v2 version of the Day Trade algorithm employs a trailing stop & profit target. The following video shows a Day Trade that triggered resulting in a gain of approximately $2,300 per unit traded.

This strategy is traded in all three ES trading systems we offer (Basic Trader, Trader Plus and Elite Trader).

Emerald Day Trade Long Strategy

The Emerald Day Trade Long Strategy places a long trade on the Emini-S&P Futures at various times throughout the day. It utilizes a larger “crash” stop and can hold the entire day or exit early based on the predictive exit logic.  The long strategy will place certain trades, when the market state prediction logic suggests that the market will be in a strongly upward moving market (strong up). If it sees evidence that it might be wrong, based on market conditions, it will exit prematurely with either a gain or a loss.  Otherwise, it will hold until the close and exit at 4PM EST.

This trading algorithm is used in the Trader Plus and Elite Trading Systems.

Emerald Day Trade Short Strategy

The Emerald Day Trade Short Strategy places a short trade on the Emini-S&P Futures at various times throughout the day. It utilizes a larger “short-covering” stop and can hold the entire day or exit early based on the predictive exit logic.  The short strategy will place certain trades, when the market state prediction logic suggests that the market will be in a strong downward moving market (strong down). If it sees evidence that it might be wrong, based on market conditions, it will exit prematurely with either a gain or a loss.  Otherwise, it will hold until the close and exit at 4PM EST.

This trading algorithm is used in the Trader Plus and Elite Trading Systems.

The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. Trading futures involves substantial risk of loss and is not appropriate for all investors.

CFTC RULE 4.41: Results are based on simulated or hypothetical performance results that have certain inherent limitations. Unlike the results shown in an actual performance record, these results do not represent actual trading. Also, because these trades have not actually been executed, these results may have under-or over-compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated or hypothetical trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to these being shown.  


The following table shows the list of all trades placed in the most recent Rolling Back-Test (from 2017 – March 2023).  You will see the profit/loss of each trade along with the hypothetical balance, from an initial  account size of $25,000.  This data is not compounded. It assumes 1 unit ($25,000) is traded for the entire duration. This table is updated at the end of each month and therefore, trades posted will be lagging. As you review the trade data, please keep in mind CFTC Rule 4.41 as it pertains to the limitations of hypothetical returns.

Symbol Strategy Entry Date Entry Price Entry Name Exit Date Exit Price Exit Name Profit/Loss Long/Short Hyp Balance
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/31/2023 08:004099.75SU BUY 2G3/31/2023 12:104116SU SELL 1G $806.00 Long $128,557.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/31/2023 07:574100.25DTL v2 ES: Buy3/31/2023 14:064139.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,956.00 Long $127,751.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/30/2023 08:104085SU BUY 2G3/30/2023 08:404082.25SU SELL 1G $(144.00)Long $125,795.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/30/2023 07:574082.75DTL v2 ES: Buy3/30/2023 08:154075.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $125,939.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/29/2023 07:574043.5DTL v2 ES: Buy3/29/2023 08:424036.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $126,296.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/27/2023 07:574030.75DTL v2 ES: Buy3/27/2023 07:574023.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $126,652.50
@ESM23EmeraldS3/24/2023 10:003969.5SD SHORT 3G3/24/2023 10:203967.5SD COVER 1R $93.50 Short $127,009.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/21/2023 07:574023DTL v2 ES: Buy3/21/2023 08:244016Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $126,915.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/20/2023 08:003959.75SU BUY 2G3/20/2023 10:403965SU SELL 1G $256.00 Long $127,272.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/14/2023 08:003949.25SU BUY 2G3/14/2023 11:103942.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $127,016.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/14/2023 07:573952.75DTL v2 ES: Buy3/14/2023 07:573945.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $127,372.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/9/2023 08:004051.5SU BUY 2G3/9/2023 08:104044.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $127,729.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/9/2023 07:574049.25DTL v2 ES: Buy3/9/2023 08:154042.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $128,085.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/6/2023 08:204105SU BUY 2G3/6/2023 11:104100.75SU SELL 1G $(219.00)Long $128,442.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/3/2023 08:104048.25SU BUY 2G3/3/2023 14:004084End of Day Exit $1,781.00 Long $128,661.00
@ESM23EmeraldS3/2/2023 08:103975SD SHORT 3G3/2/2023 08:303978.25SD COVER 1R $(169.00)Short $126,880.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/27/2023 08:104049.25SU BUY 2G2/27/2023 09:204040.25SU SELL 1G $(456.50)Long $127,049.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/27/2023 07:574040.25DTL v2 ES: Buy2/27/2023 08:514033.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $127,505.50
@ESM23EmeraldS2/24/2023 09:303994.5SD SHORT 3G2/24/2023 10:204002.25SD COVER 1R $(394.00)Short $127,862.00
@ESM23EmeraldS2/21/2023 11:104058SD SHORT 3G2/22/2023 07:404043.75Cover End Of Day $706.00 Short $128,256.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/13/2023 08:004149.25SU BUY 2G2/13/2023 13:104172SU SELL 1G $1,131.00 Long $127,550.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/9/2023 07:574193.25DTL v2 ES: Buy2/9/2023 08:064186.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $126,419.00
@ESM23EmeraldS1/30/2023 08:104104.5SD SHORT 3G1/30/2023 08:304102.25SD COVER 1R $106.00 Short $126,775.50
@ESM23EmeraldS1/24/2023 08:404057SD SHORT 3G1/24/2023 09:204067.25SD COVER 1R $(519.00)Short $126,669.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/23/2023 08:104043SU BUY 2G1/23/2023 11:404083.75SU SELL 1G $2,031.00 Long $127,188.50
@ESM23EmeraldS1/19/2023 10:303951.5SD SHORT 3G1/19/2023 11:403955SD COVER 1R $(181.50)Short $125,157.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/18/2023 08:104062.25SU BUY 2G1/18/2023 09:104026.25Stop Loss $(1,806.50)Long $125,339.00
@ESM23EmeraldS1/13/2023 08:104013.5SD SHORT 3G1/13/2023 08:504028SD COVER 1R $(731.50)Short $127,145.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/11/2023 08:003997SU BUY 2G1/11/2023 08:103990Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $127,877.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/11/2023 07:573998.25DTL v2 ES: Buy1/11/2023 07:573991.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $128,233.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/9/2023 08:103986.75SU BUY 2G1/9/2023 11:303990.75SU SELL 1G $193.50 Long $128,590.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/6/2023 08:203897.75SU BUY 2G1/6/2023 12:403953.25Profit Target $2,768.50 Long $128,396.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/29/2022 08:003888SU BUY 2G12/29/2022 12:103912.5SU SELL 1G $1,218.50 Long $125,628.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/28/2022 08:003906.75SU BUY 2G12/28/2022 08:303897.75SU SELL 1G $(456.50)Long $124,409.50
@ESM23EmeraldS12/22/2022 12:403847.75SD SHORT 3G12/22/2022 13:303877.75Stop Loss $(1,506.50)Short $124,866.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/21/2022 08:003917SU BUY 2G12/21/2022 08:103910Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $126,372.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/21/2022 07:573914.25DTL v2 ES: Buy12/21/2022 14:063943.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,443.50 Long $126,729.00
@ESM23EmeraldS12/15/2022 10:303964.5SD SHORT 3G12/15/2022 13:003958.5SD COVER 1R $293.50 Short $125,285.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/14/2022 08:004100.75SU BUY 2G12/14/2022 11:404111.5SU SELL 1G $531.00 Long $124,992.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/13/2022 07:574165.75DTL v2 ES: Buy12/13/2022 07:574158.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $124,461.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/8/2022 08:104031.25SU BUY 2G12/8/2022 09:404028.25SU SELL 1G $(156.50)Long $124,817.50
@ESM23EmeraldS12/5/2022 08:504104SD SHORT 3G12/5/2022 11:004076Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $124,974.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/24/2022 08:404110.25SU BUY 2G11/24/2022 14:004109.25End of Day Exit $(56.50)Long $123,580.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/23/2022 08:004087.75SU BUY 2G11/23/2022 10:404084SU SELL 1G $(194.00)Long $123,637.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/10/2022 08:103978.5SU BUY 2G11/10/2022 11:203983SU SELL 1G $218.50 Long $123,831.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/10/2022 07:573957.5DTL v2 ES: Buy11/10/2022 14:064030.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $3,656.00 Long $123,612.50
@ESM23EmeraldS11/3/2022 08:403808.5SD SHORT 3G11/3/2022 09:203808SD COVER 1R $18.50 Short $119,956.50
@ESM23EmeraldS11/2/2022 09:103912.5SD SHORT 3G11/2/2022 12:103918.5SD COVER 1R $(306.50)Short $119,938.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/28/2022 08:003913.5SU BUY 2G10/28/2022 12:403969.25Profit Target $2,781.00 Long $120,244.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/25/2022 08:003904SU BUY 2G10/25/2022 11:403916.75SU SELL 1G $631.00 Long $117,463.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/24/2022 07:573864.75DTL v2 ES: Buy10/24/2022 07:573857.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $116,832.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/18/2022 07:573823DTL v2 ES: Buy10/18/2022 07:573816Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $117,189.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/17/2022 08:003757.5SU BUY 2G10/17/2022 08:103746.75Stop Loss $(544.00)Long $117,545.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/17/2022 07:573750DTL v2 ES: Buy10/17/2022 09:003743Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $118,089.50
@ESM23EmeraldS10/13/2022 08:203617.75SD SHORT 3G10/13/2022 08:303616.75SD COVER 1R $43.50 Short $118,446.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/4/2022 08:003845.25SU BUY 2G10/4/2022 11:203838.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $118,402.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/4/2022 07:573840.75DTL v2 ES: Buy10/4/2022 11:243842% Trailing Stop $56.00 Long $118,759.00
@ESM23EmeraldS9/29/2022 09:203729.25SD SHORT 3G9/29/2022 11:403708.5SD COVER 1R $1,031.00 Short $118,703.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/27/2022 07:573787.5DTL v2 ES: Buy9/27/2022 07:573780.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $117,672.00
@ESM23EmeraldS9/23/2022 08:403781.5SD SHORT 3G9/23/2022 10:103753.5Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $118,028.50
@ESM23EmeraldS9/22/2022 10:003846.5SD SHORT 3G9/22/2022 12:203841.5SD COVER 1R $243.50 Short $116,635.00
@ESM23EmeraldS9/20/2022 09:203948.75SD SHORT 3G9/20/2022 10:303952.5SD COVER 1R $(194.00)Short $116,391.50
@ESM23EmeraldS9/16/2022 08:403941.25SD SHORT 3G9/16/2022 09:003937.5SD COVER 1R $181.00 Short $116,585.50
@ESM23EmeraldS9/13/2022 10:304073.75SD SHORT 3G9/13/2022 13:004045.75Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $116,404.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/12/2022 08:004183.25SU BUY 2G9/12/2022 10:004176.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $115,011.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/12/2022 07:574183.5DTL v2 ES: Buy9/12/2022 10:034176.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $115,367.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/9/2022 08:204137SU BUY 2G9/9/2022 11:104145.25SU SELL 1G $406.00 Long $115,724.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/9/2022 07:574120.75DTL v2 ES: Buy9/9/2022 14:064148.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,381.00 Long $115,318.00
@ESM23EmeraldS9/1/2022 09:304002.75SD SHORT 3G9/1/2022 11:504012.5SD COVER 1R $(494.00)Short $113,937.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/25/2022 08:104253.5SU BUY 2G8/25/2022 09:504248SU SELL 1G $(281.50)Long $114,431.00
@ESM23EmeraldS8/19/2022 09:504314.75SD SHORT 3G8/19/2022 12:304312.25SD COVER 1R $118.50 Short $114,712.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/11/2022 08:104326.75SU BUY 2G8/11/2022 09:404315.25SU SELL 1G $(581.50)Long $114,594.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/11/2022 07:574325.25DTL v2 ES: Buy8/11/2022 09:094318.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $115,175.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/10/2022 07:574278.75DTL v2 ES: Buy8/10/2022 08:064271.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $115,532.00
@ESM23EmeraldS8/9/2022 08:504211.5SD SHORT 3G8/9/2022 12:304199.5SD COVER 1R $593.50 Short $115,888.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/8/2022 08:004264.25SU BUY 2G8/8/2022 08:304257.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $115,295.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/8/2022 07:574261DTL v2 ES: Buy8/8/2022 09:184254Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $115,651.50
@ESM23EmeraldS8/5/2022 08:104214.5SD SHORT 3G8/5/2022 08:404228.75SD COVER 1R $(719.00)Short $116,008.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/3/2022 08:204216.75SU BUY 2G8/3/2022 08:404211.75SU SELL 1G $(256.50)Long $116,727.00
@ESM23EmeraldS8/2/2022 08:504188SD SHORT 3G8/2/2022 09:204196.5SD COVER 1R $(431.50)Short $116,983.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/29/2022 08:004184SU BUY 2G7/29/2022 10:504194.5SU SELL 1G $518.50 Long $117,415.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/27/2022 08:004052.5SU BUY 2G7/27/2022 11:304056SU SELL 1G $168.50 Long $116,896.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/27/2022 07:574051DTL v2 ES: Buy7/27/2022 12:364052.25% Trailing Stop $56.00 Long $116,728.00
@ESM23EmeraldS7/26/2022 10:404008.5SD SHORT 3G7/27/2022 07:404040Cover End Of Day $(1,581.50)Short $116,672.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/18/2022 07:573981DTL v2 ES: Buy7/18/2022 08:153974Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $118,253.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/15/2022 08:303927.25SU BUY 2G7/15/2022 11:403943.25SU SELL 1G $793.50 Long $118,610.00
@ESM23EmeraldS7/14/2022 09:203831.5SD SHORT 3G7/14/2022 09:503837.5SD COVER 1R $(306.50)Short $117,816.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/7/2022 08:003973SU BUY 2G7/7/2022 14:003987End of Day Exit $693.50 Long $118,123.00
@ESM23EmeraldS7/5/2022 08:503857SD SHORT 3G7/5/2022 09:103829Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $117,429.50
@ESM23EmeraldS6/30/2022 09:103856SD SHORT 3G6/30/2022 09:503870SD COVER 1R $(706.50)Short $116,036.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/28/2022 08:004028.5SU BUY 2G6/28/2022 08:104020Stop Loss $(431.50)Long $116,742.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/28/2022 07:574024.5DTL v2 ES: Buy6/28/2022 08:064017.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $117,174.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/24/2022 08:003940.25SU BUY 2G6/24/2022 14:003996.25Profit Target $2,793.50 Long $117,530.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/24/2022 07:573933DTL v2 ES: Buy6/24/2022 14:063994.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $3,081.00 Long $114,737.00
@ESM23EmeraldS6/22/2022 08:103835.25SD SHORT 3G6/22/2022 08:303865.25Stop Loss $(1,506.50)Short $111,656.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/21/2022 08:003836.75SU BUY 2G6/21/2022 10:003850.25SU SELL 1G $668.50 Long $113,162.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/21/2022 07:573838.25DTL v2 ES: Buy6/21/2022 14:063850.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $593.50 Long $112,494.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/20/2022 08:403789.75SU BUY 2G6/20/2022 11:003800SU SELL 1G $506.00 Long $111,900.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/17/2022 08:003783SU BUY 2G6/17/2022 08:303747Stop Loss $(1,806.50)Long $111,394.50
@ESM23EmeraldS6/16/2022 09:403765.75SD SHORT 3G6/16/2022 12:103742SD COVER 1R $1,181.00 Short $113,201.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/15/2022 07:573869.5DTL v2 ES: Buy6/15/2022 08:333862.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $112,020.00
@ESM23EmeraldS6/13/2022 09:503870.25SD SHORT 3G6/13/2022 11:003877SD COVER 1R $(344.00)Short $112,376.50
@ESM23EmeraldS6/10/2022 10:204000.5SD SHORT 3G6/10/2022 12:104000SD COVER 1R $18.50 Short $112,720.50
@ESM23EmeraldS6/7/2022 08:104183.25SD SHORT 3G6/7/2022 08:304181.25SD COVER 1R $93.50 Short $112,702.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/6/2022 08:204248.25SU BUY 2G6/6/2022 09:404220.75SU SELL 1G $(1,381.50)Long $112,608.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/6/2022 07:574227.5DTL v2 ES: Buy6/6/2022 09:184228.75% Trailing Stop $56.00 Long $113,990.00
@ESM23EmeraldS5/31/2022 09:104216.25SD SHORT 3G5/31/2022 10:304229SD COVER 1R $(644.00)Short $113,934.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/30/2022 08:104255.75SU BUY 2G5/30/2022 14:004262End of Day Exit $306.00 Long $114,578.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/27/2022 08:004192.75SU BUY 2G5/27/2022 11:104211.75SU SELL 1G $943.50 Long $114,272.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/27/2022 07:574189.25DTL v2 ES: Buy5/27/2022 14:064239.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $2,506.00 Long $113,328.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/26/2022 08:004104SU BUY 2G5/26/2022 13:504144.25SU SELL 1G $2,006.00 Long $110,822.50
@ESM23EmeraldS5/24/2022 11:503992.5SD SHORT 3G5/24/2022 12:304002.5SD COVER 1R $(506.50)Short $108,816.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/23/2022 08:404027.5SU BUY 2G5/23/2022 12:304058.75SU SELL 1G $1,556.00 Long $109,323.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/23/2022 07:574026.75DTL v2 ES: Buy5/23/2022 07:574019.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $107,767.00
@ESM23EmeraldS5/18/2022 11:104058SD SHORT 3G5/18/2022 11:204030Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $108,123.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/13/2022 08:004059.25SU BUY 2G5/13/2022 10:204117Profit Target $2,881.00 Long $106,730.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/13/2022 07:574060.5DTL v2 ES: Buy5/13/2022 12:094063.5% Trailing Stop $143.50 Long $103,849.00
@ESM23EmeraldS5/9/2022 10:304124.75SD SHORT 3G5/9/2022 11:004096.75Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $103,705.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/27/2022 08:004305.5SU BUY 2G4/27/2022 08:204269.5Stop Loss $(1,806.50)Long $102,312.00
@ESM23EmeraldS4/25/2022 08:404318.5SD SHORT 3G4/25/2022 09:104299SD COVER 1R $968.50 Short $104,118.50
@ESM23EmeraldS4/22/2022 10:504404.5SD SHORT 3G4/22/2022 12:104376.5Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $103,150.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/21/2022 08:004590.25SU BUY 2G4/21/2022 08:104583.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $101,756.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/21/2022 07:574587DTL v2 ES: Buy4/21/2022 08:154580Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $102,113.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/12/2022 08:004537.5SU BUY 2G4/12/2022 08:304530.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $102,469.50
@ESM23EmeraldS4/11/2022 10:004517.25SD SHORT 3G4/11/2022 13:204515.5SD COVER 1R $81.00 Short $102,826.00
@ESM23EmeraldS4/6/2022 11:104546.75SD SHORT 3G4/6/2022 12:104555SD COVER 1R $(419.00)Short $102,745.00
@ESM23EmeraldS3/31/2022 08:504669.75SD SHORT 3G3/31/2022 09:204675.75SD COVER 1R $(306.50)Short $103,164.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/29/2022 07:574693.5DTL v2 ES: Buy3/29/2022 07:574686.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $103,470.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/25/2022 08:304609SU BUY 2G3/25/2022 09:504587SU SELL 1G $(1,106.50)Long $103,827.00
@ESM23EmeraldS3/23/2022 08:304569SD SHORT 3G3/23/2022 09:004563.25SD COVER 1R $281.00 Short $104,933.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/22/2022 08:304576.5SU BUY 2G3/22/2022 10:204582.25SU SELL 1G $281.00 Long $104,652.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/22/2022 07:574561.5DTL v2 ES: Buy3/22/2022 14:064589.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,393.50 Long $104,371.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/16/2022 08:004402.75SU BUY 2G3/16/2022 08:104395.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $102,978.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/16/2022 07:574404.75DTL v2 ES: Buy3/16/2022 07:574397.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $103,334.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/9/2022 08:504340SU BUY 2G3/9/2022 09:104345SU SELL 1G $243.50 Long $103,691.00
@ESM23EmeraldS3/4/2022 09:504374.25SD SHORT 3G3/4/2022 11:104404.25Stop Loss $(1,506.50)Short $103,447.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/2/2022 08:404422.5SU BUY 2G3/2/2022 14:004457End of Day Exit $1,718.50 Long $104,954.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/2/2022 07:574423.25DTL v2 ES: Buy3/2/2022 07:574416.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $103,235.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/25/2022 08:004384.5SU BUY 2G2/25/2022 10:004446.75Profit Target $3,106.00 Long $103,592.00
@ESM23EmeraldS2/24/2022 08:104235.25SD SHORT 3G2/24/2022 08:204226.25SD COVER 1R $443.50 Short $100,486.00
@ESM23EmeraldS2/21/2022 08:304401.25SD SHORT 3G2/21/2022 10:004373.25Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $100,042.50
@ESM23EmeraldS2/17/2022 10:504493.5SD SHORT 3G2/17/2022 11:504482.75SD COVER 1R $531.00 Short $98,649.00
@ESM23EmeraldS2/16/2022 11:404510.25SD SHORT 3G2/16/2022 12:304540.25Stop Loss $(1,506.50)Short $98,118.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/15/2022 08:304522.5SU BUY 2G2/15/2022 11:104518.75SU SELL 1G $(194.00)Long $99,624.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/15/2022 07:574533DTL v2 ES: Buy2/15/2022 07:574526Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $99,818.50
@ESM23EmeraldS2/14/2022 09:404477.5SD SHORT 3G2/14/2022 10:104481.5SD COVER 1R $(206.50)Short $100,175.00
@ESM23EmeraldS2/10/2022 08:104631.75SD SHORT 3G2/10/2022 08:304637.25SD COVER 1R $(281.50)Short $100,381.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/9/2022 08:004640.25SU BUY 2G2/9/2022 08:204633.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $100,663.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/9/2022 07:574640DTL v2 ES: Buy2/9/2022 08:244633Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $101,019.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/2/2022 08:204638SU BUY 2G2/2/2022 08:504629SU SELL 1G $(456.50)Long $101,376.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/26/2022 08:104501.5SU BUY 2G1/26/2022 08:404465.5Stop Loss $(1,806.50)Long $101,832.50
@ESM23EmeraldS1/24/2022 11:204352.5SD SHORT 3G1/24/2022 12:004382.5Stop Loss $(1,506.50)Short $103,639.00
@ESM23EmeraldS1/21/2022 09:004538SD SHORT 3G1/21/2022 09:304548.25SD COVER 1R $(519.00)Short $105,145.50
@ESM23EmeraldS1/18/2022 12:104653.75SD SHORT 3G1/18/2022 12:404654.75SD COVER 1R $(56.50)Short $105,664.50
@ESM23EmeraldS1/14/2022 08:104727SD SHORT 3G1/14/2022 08:204722SD COVER 1R $243.50 Short $105,721.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/12/2022 08:204813.5SU BUY 2G1/12/2022 09:104790.75SU SELL 1G $(1,144.00)Long $105,477.50
@ESM23EmeraldS1/10/2022 09:304677.5SD SHORT 3G1/10/2022 11:504686SD COVER 1R $(431.50)Short $106,621.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/4/2022 07:574881.5DTL v2 ES: Buy1/4/2022 08:064874.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $107,053.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/30/2021 08:304875.25SU BUY 2G12/30/2021 10:404866.25SU SELL 1G $(456.50)Long $107,409.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/28/2021 08:104871SU BUY 2G12/28/2021 08:404865.25SU SELL 1G $(294.00)Long $107,866.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/27/2021 08:004820.25SU BUY 2G12/27/2021 14:004859End of Day Exit $1,931.00 Long $108,160.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/27/2021 07:574815.5DTL v2 ES: Buy12/27/2021 14:064859.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $2,181.00 Long $106,229.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/23/2021 08:404791.75SU BUY 2G12/23/2021 11:404798SU SELL 1G $306.00 Long $104,048.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/23/2021 07:574787.75DTL v2 ES: Buy12/23/2021 14:064793.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $268.50 Long $103,742.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/22/2021 09:004742.25SU BUY 2G12/22/2021 12:004744.75SU SELL 1G $118.50 Long $103,473.50
@ESM23EmeraldS12/20/2021 11:404610.75SD SHORT 3G12/20/2021 12:104618.75SD COVER 1R $(406.50)Short $103,355.00
@ESM23EmeraldS12/17/2021 09:004715.5SD SHORT 3G12/17/2021 09:404726.25SD COVER 1R $(544.00)Short $103,761.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/10/2021 08:304766.5SU BUY 2G12/10/2021 09:104752.25SU SELL 1G $(719.00)Long $104,305.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/7/2021 08:004737SU BUY 2G12/7/2021 11:304755.75SU SELL 1G $931.00 Long $105,024.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/7/2021 07:574734.5DTL v2 ES: Buy12/7/2021 13:574735.75% Trailing Stop $56.00 Long $104,093.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/6/2021 08:104635SU BUY 2G12/6/2021 13:204662.75SU SELL 1G $1,381.00 Long $104,037.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/1/2021 08:104687.75SU BUY 2G12/1/2021 10:204703SU SELL 1G $756.00 Long $102,656.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/1/2021 07:574684.75DTL v2 ES: Buy12/1/2021 10:574686.5% Trailing Stop $81.00 Long $101,900.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/25/2021 08:104777.75SU BUY 2G11/25/2021 09:304773SU SELL 1G $(244.00)Long $101,819.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/22/2021 08:004799.75SU BUY 2G11/22/2021 09:504792.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $102,063.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/22/2021 07:574791.25DTL v2 ES: Buy11/22/2021 09:544784.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $102,420.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/16/2021 08:004762.75SU BUY 2G11/16/2021 08:304755.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $102,776.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/16/2021 07:574760.75DTL v2 ES: Buy11/16/2021 14:064768.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $368.50 Long $103,133.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/5/2021 08:004774.5SU BUY 2G11/5/2021 10:004767.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $102,764.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/5/2021 07:574776.25DTL v2 ES: Buy11/5/2021 10:034769.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $103,121.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/4/2021 08:104737.5SU BUY 2G11/4/2021 09:504730.25SU SELL 1G $(369.00)Long $103,477.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/2/2021 08:204685.75SU BUY 2G11/2/2021 12:004690.5SU SELL 1G $231.00 Long $103,846.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/28/2021 08:004640.75SU BUY 2G10/28/2021 11:004647.25SU SELL 1G $318.50 Long $103,615.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/26/2021 08:304657.25SU BUY 2G10/26/2021 10:304644.25SU SELL 1G $(656.50)Long $103,297.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/26/2021 07:574648.75DTL v2 ES: Buy10/26/2021 10:124641.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $103,953.50
@ESM23EmeraldS10/21/2021 08:204596.5SD SHORT 3G10/21/2021 08:304596.25SD COVER 1R $6.00 Short $104,310.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/20/2021 08:004592.75SU BUY 2G10/20/2021 10:504598.75SU SELL 1G $293.50 Long $104,304.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/20/2021 07:574588DTL v2 ES: Buy10/20/2021 14:064595B3 Breakout ES: CL $343.50 Long $104,010.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/19/2021 08:304569.5SU BUY 2G10/19/2021 13:004572.75SU SELL 1G $156.00 Long $103,667.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/19/2021 07:574563DTL v2 ES: Buy10/19/2021 14:064584.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,081.00 Long $103,511.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/15/2021 08:104526.25SU BUY 2G10/15/2021 10:204524.25SU SELL 1G $(106.50)Long $102,430.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/15/2021 07:574519.5DTL v2 ES: Buy10/15/2021 14:064532.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $631.00 Long $102,536.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/14/2021 08:104469.25SU BUY 2G10/14/2021 14:004498.25End of Day Exit $1,443.50 Long $101,905.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/14/2021 07:574471DTL v2 ES: Buy10/14/2021 14:064498.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,368.50 Long $100,462.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/7/2021 08:204484SU BUY 2G10/7/2021 10:504487SU SELL 1G $143.50 Long $99,093.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/7/2021 07:574467.5DTL v2 ES: Buy10/7/2021 12:454468.5% Trailing Stop $43.50 Long $98,950.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/5/2021 08:104386.25SU BUY 2G10/5/2021 10:104419.75SU SELL 1G $1,668.50 Long $98,906.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/5/2021 07:574378.75DTL v2 ES: Buy10/5/2021 14:064406B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,356.00 Long $97,238.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/29/2021 08:104437SU BUY 2G9/29/2021 10:004430.25SU SELL 1G $(344.00)Long $95,882.00
@ESM23EmeraldS9/28/2021 11:304414.5SD SHORT 3G9/28/2021 12:504420.75SD COVER 1R $(319.00)Short $96,226.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/23/2021 08:004499.5SU BUY 2G9/23/2021 13:104517.25SU SELL 1G $881.00 Long $96,545.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/23/2021 07:574497.75DTL v2 ES: Buy9/23/2021 14:064506.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $443.50 Long $95,664.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/21/2021 08:004452.5SU BUY 2G9/21/2021 08:104439.25Stop Loss $(669.00)Long $95,220.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/21/2021 07:574450.25DTL v2 ES: Buy9/21/2021 08:064443.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $95,889.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/9/2021 08:004580.5SU BUY 2G9/9/2021 09:304573.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $96,246.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/9/2021 07:574580.25DTL v2 ES: Buy9/9/2021 09:274573.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $96,602.50
@ESM23EmeraldS9/7/2021 09:004579.5SD SHORT 3G9/7/2021 11:404585.5SD COVER 1R $(306.50)Short $96,959.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/6/2021 08:104607.5SU BUY 2G9/6/2021 09:004606.75SU SELL 1G $(44.00)Long $97,265.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/6/2021 07:574604.5DTL v2 ES: Buy9/7/2021 07:394590.5Stop Loss $(706.50)Long $97,309.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/2/2021 08:004601SU BUY 2G9/2/2021 10:404596SU SELL 1G $(256.50)Long $98,016.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/30/2021 08:204578.5SU BUY 2G8/30/2021 11:504591SU SELL 1G $618.50 Long $98,272.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/30/2021 07:574573.25DTL v2 ES: Buy8/30/2021 14:064585.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $593.50 Long $97,654.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/27/2021 08:004540SU BUY 2G8/27/2021 08:104541.5SU SELL 1G $68.50 Long $97,060.50
@ESM23EmeraldS8/26/2021 10:304543SD SHORT 3G8/26/2021 12:204532SD COVER 1R $543.50 Short $96,992.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/24/2021 08:304546.75SU BUY 2G8/24/2021 09:204545.75SU SELL 1G $(56.50)Long $96,448.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/23/2021 08:004524SU BUY 2G8/23/2021 13:404541.75SU SELL 1G $881.00 Long $96,505.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/23/2021 07:574524DTL v2 ES: Buy8/23/2021 14:064538.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $718.50 Long $95,624.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/20/2021 08:004479.75SU BUY 2G8/20/2021 12:204495SU SELL 1G $756.00 Long $94,905.50
@ESM23EmeraldS8/19/2021 08:104448.75SD SHORT 3G8/19/2021 08:404454.25SD COVER 1R $(281.50)Short $94,149.50
@ESM23EmeraldS8/16/2021 09:404501.25SD SHORT 3G8/16/2021 10:104505.75SD COVER 1R $(231.50)Short $94,431.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/11/2021 07:574501DTL v2 ES: Buy8/11/2021 09:094494Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $94,662.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/10/2021 08:104492.75SU BUY 2G8/10/2021 09:304484.5SU SELL 1G $(419.00)Long $95,019.00
@ESM23EmeraldS8/9/2021 09:004483.75SD SHORT 3G8/9/2021 10:204486SD COVER 1R $(119.00)Short $95,438.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/6/2021 09:204485.5SU BUY 2G8/6/2021 10:004485.5SU SELL 1G $(6.50)Long $95,557.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/6/2021 07:574488.25DTL v2 ES: Buy8/6/2021 14:064489B3 Breakout ES: CL $31.00 Long $95,563.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/5/2021 09:004471.5SU BUY 2G8/5/2021 11:204469SU SELL 1G $(131.50)Long $95,532.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/2/2021 08:004470.5SU BUY 2G8/2/2021 08:104463.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $95,664.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/2/2021 07:574470.5DTL v2 ES: Buy8/2/2021 08:064463.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $96,020.50
@ESM23EmeraldS7/30/2021 08:104458.25SD SHORT 3G7/30/2021 08:304454.75SD COVER 1R $168.50 Short $96,377.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/29/2021 08:404474.5SU BUY 2G7/29/2021 13:004476.25SU SELL 1G $81.00 Long $96,208.50
@ESM23EmeraldS7/27/2021 12:404440SD SHORT 3G7/27/2021 13:304445SD COVER 1R $(256.50)Short $96,127.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/23/2021 07:574438.75DTL v2 ES: Buy7/23/2021 14:064462.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,181.00 Long $96,384.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/21/2021 08:004397SU BUY 2G7/21/2021 11:004401.5SU SELL 1G $218.50 Long $95,203.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/21/2021 07:574395.5DTL v2 ES: Buy7/21/2021 14:064412.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $831.00 Long $94,984.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/20/2021 08:104347SU BUY 2G7/20/2021 13:204382.5SU SELL 1G $1,768.50 Long $94,153.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/20/2021 07:574334.5DTL v2 ES: Buy7/20/2021 14:064375.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $2,043.50 Long $92,385.00
@ESM23EmeraldS7/19/2021 12:404297SD SHORT 3G7/20/2021 07:404321.5Cover End Of Day $(1,231.50)Short $90,341.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/9/2021 08:004398.5SU BUY 2G7/9/2021 12:004414SU SELL 1G $768.50 Long $91,573.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/9/2021 07:574397.5DTL v2 ES: Buy7/9/2021 14:064420B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,118.50 Long $90,804.50
@ESM23EmeraldS7/6/2021 11:204378.25SD SHORT 3G7/6/2021 13:004386.75SD COVER 1R $(431.50)Short $89,686.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/2/2021 08:304384.75SU BUY 2G7/2/2021 14:004403.25End of Day Exit $918.50 Long $90,117.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/2/2021 07:574382.5DTL v2 ES: Buy7/2/2021 14:064400.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $881.00 Long $89,199.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/1/2021 08:004359.25SU BUY 2G7/1/2021 11:204362.5SU SELL 1G $156.00 Long $88,318.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/1/2021 07:574359.75DTL v2 ES: Buy7/1/2021 14:064369B3 Breakout ES: CL $456.00 Long $88,162.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/29/2021 09:404347.25SU BUY 2G6/29/2021 11:004344.5SU SELL 1G $(144.00)Long $87,706.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/25/2021 08:304328SU BUY 2G6/25/2021 10:504327.75SU SELL 1G $(19.00)Long $87,850.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/24/2021 08:304317SU BUY 2G6/24/2021 10:204314SU SELL 1G $(156.50)Long $87,869.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/24/2021 07:574316.25DTL v2 ES: Buy6/24/2021 14:064317.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $43.50 Long $88,025.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/23/2021 08:004300SU BUY 2G6/23/2021 09:304296.5SU SELL 1G $(181.50)Long $87,982.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/10/2021 07:574297DTL v2 ES: Buy6/10/2021 08:244290Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $88,163.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/4/2021 08:004265.5SU BUY 2G6/4/2021 10:304269.5SU SELL 1G $193.50 Long $88,520.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/4/2021 07:574266.5DTL v2 ES: Buy6/4/2021 14:064275.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $456.00 Long $88,326.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/1/2021 07:574268.5DTL v2 ES: Buy6/1/2021 08:154261.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $87,870.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/27/2021 08:304258SU BUY 2G5/27/2021 09:204254.75SU SELL 1G $(169.00)Long $88,227.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/24/2021 08:004231SU BUY 2G5/24/2021 14:004245End of Day Exit $693.50 Long $88,396.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/24/2021 07:574229.5DTL v2 ES: Buy5/24/2021 14:064245.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $806.00 Long $87,702.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/20/2021 08:004184.75SU BUY 2G5/20/2021 11:004199SU SELL 1G $706.00 Long $86,896.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/20/2021 07:574185.25DTL v2 ES: Buy5/20/2021 14:064204B3 Breakout ES: CL $931.00 Long $86,190.50
@ESM23EmeraldS5/17/2021 10:504202.5SD SHORT 3G5/17/2021 12:504195.5SD COVER 1R $343.50 Short $85,259.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/14/2021 08:004194.5SU BUY 2G5/14/2021 14:004219.5End of Day Exit $1,243.50 Long $84,916.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/13/2021 08:004138.25SU BUY 2G5/13/2021 11:204153.75SU SELL 1G $768.50 Long $83,672.50
@ESM23EmeraldS5/12/2021 09:304154.5SD SHORT 3G5/12/2021 10:204126.5Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $82,904.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/7/2021 08:004268SU BUY 2G5/7/2021 11:004273SU SELL 1G $243.50 Long $81,510.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/7/2021 07:574263.5DTL v2 ES: Buy5/7/2021 14:064277B3 Breakout ES: CL $668.50 Long $81,267.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/5/2021 07:574223.25DTL v2 ES: Buy5/5/2021 08:064216.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $80,598.50
@ESM23EmeraldS5/4/2021 10:404189.25SD SHORT 3G5/4/2021 12:404191.5SD COVER 1R $(119.00)Short $80,955.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/3/2021 08:104249SU BUY 2G5/3/2021 09:504242SU SELL 1G $(356.50)Long $81,074.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/3/2021 07:574244DTL v2 ES: Buy5/3/2021 09:184237Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $81,430.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/29/2021 07:574254.75DTL v2 ES: Buy4/29/2021 08:064247.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $81,787.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/28/2021 08:104238SU BUY 2G4/28/2021 10:204230.5SU SELL 1G $(381.50)Long $82,143.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/26/2021 08:004232.5SU BUY 2G4/26/2021 10:304228.5SU SELL 1G $(206.50)Long $82,525.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/15/2021 08:404200.5SU BUY 2G4/15/2021 13:504209.25SU SELL 1G $431.00 Long $82,731.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/14/2021 08:004188.25SU BUY 2G4/14/2021 10:504188.75SU SELL 1G $18.50 Long $82,300.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/9/2021 08:004143.5SU BUY 2G4/9/2021 14:004169.5End of Day Exit $1,293.50 Long $82,282.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/5/2021 08:004098SU BUY 2G4/5/2021 12:504121SU SELL 1G $1,143.50 Long $80,988.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/5/2021 07:574097.75DTL v2 ES: Buy4/5/2021 14:064117.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $968.50 Long $79,845.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/1/2021 08:204043.75SU BUY 2G4/1/2021 13:504050.25SU SELL 1G $318.50 Long $78,876.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/31/2021 08:204018.75SU BUY 2G3/31/2021 13:104027SU SELL 1G $406.00 Long $78,558.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/31/2021 07:574014.75DTL v2 ES: Buy3/31/2021 14:064016.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $68.50 Long $78,152.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/26/2021 08:203970.25SU BUY 2G3/26/2021 12:403969.75SU SELL 1G $(31.50)Long $78,083.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/22/2021 08:003965SU BUY 2G3/22/2021 14:003980End of Day Exit $743.50 Long $78,115.00
@ESM23EmeraldS3/19/2021 08:503942.5SD SHORT 3G3/19/2021 09:203950.25SD COVER 1R $(394.00)Short $77,371.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/16/2021 08:104017.5SU BUY 2G3/16/2021 10:104013SU SELL 1G $(231.50)Long $77,765.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/11/2021 08:103972.5SU BUY 2G3/11/2021 13:203984.5SU SELL 1G $593.50 Long $77,997.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/11/2021 07:573962.5DTL v2 ES: Buy3/11/2021 14:063977.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $731.00 Long $77,403.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/10/2021 08:103946SU BUY 2G3/10/2021 09:003937.75SU SELL 1G $(419.00)Long $76,672.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/9/2021 08:003909.75SU BUY 2G3/9/2021 10:103932.25SU SELL 1G $1,118.50 Long $77,091.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/8/2021 08:303904.75SU BUY 2G3/8/2021 12:203895.25SU SELL 1G $(481.50)Long $75,973.00
@ESM23EmeraldS3/3/2021 09:303902.5SD SHORT 3G3/3/2021 11:403897.75SD COVER 1R $231.00 Short $76,454.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/1/2021 08:003906.75SU BUY 2G3/1/2021 14:003938.5End of Day Exit $1,581.00 Long $76,223.50
@ESM23EmeraldS2/22/2021 08:103924SD SHORT 3G2/22/2021 08:303917.25SD COVER 1R $331.00 Short $74,642.50
@ESM23EmeraldS2/17/2021 08:203959.75SD SHORT 3G2/17/2021 08:303953.75SD COVER 1R $293.50 Short $74,311.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/15/2021 08:003990.25SU BUY 2G2/15/2021 14:003991.25End of Day Exit $43.50 Long $74,018.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/15/2021 07:573990.25DTL v2 ES: Buy2/16/2021 07:393983.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $73,974.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/11/2021 08:003960SU BUY 2G2/11/2021 08:403954.25SU SELL 1G $(294.00)Long $74,331.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/10/2021 07:573961DTL v2 ES: Buy2/10/2021 08:243954Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $74,625.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/8/2021 09:003942SU BUY 2G2/8/2021 09:403935.5SU SELL 1G $(331.50)Long $74,981.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/8/2021 07:573939DTL v2 ES: Buy2/8/2021 09:363932Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $75,313.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/5/2021 07:573922.25DTL v2 ES: Buy2/5/2021 08:063915.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $75,669.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/4/2021 08:003880.75SU BUY 2G2/4/2021 14:003905.5End of Day Exit $1,231.00 Long $76,026.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/2/2021 08:003854.75SU BUY 2G2/2/2021 12:503875.25SU SELL 1G $1,018.50 Long $74,795.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/2/2021 07:573849DTL v2 ES: Buy2/2/2021 14:063864.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $768.50 Long $73,776.50
@ESM23EmeraldS1/29/2021 08:203801SD SHORT 3G1/29/2021 09:303773Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $73,008.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/25/2021 08:303890.25SU BUY 2G1/25/2021 09:103854.25Stop Loss $(1,806.50)Long $71,614.50
@ESM23EmeraldS1/22/2021 08:103873.75SD SHORT 3G1/22/2021 08:303873.5SD COVER 1R $6.00 Short $73,421.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/20/2021 08:303871.25SU BUY 2G1/20/2021 14:003883.25End of Day Exit $593.50 Long $73,415.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/20/2021 07:573857.5DTL v2 ES: Buy1/20/2021 14:063884.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,331.00 Long $72,821.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/19/2021 07:573822.5DTL v2 ES: Buy1/19/2021 09:273815.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $71,490.50
@ESM23EmeraldS1/15/2021 09:503812SD SHORT 3G1/15/2021 11:203810.5SD COVER 1R $68.50 Short $71,847.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/13/2021 08:003833.5SU BUY 2G1/13/2021 08:303835.5SU SELL 1G $93.50 Long $71,778.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/8/2021 08:303853.5SU BUY 2G1/8/2021 08:503841.75SU SELL 1G $(594.00)Long $71,685.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/7/2021 08:003814.5SU BUY 2G1/7/2021 10:503831SU SELL 1G $818.50 Long $72,279.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/5/2021 08:003748.25SU BUY 2G1/5/2021 09:403740.75SU SELL 1G $(381.50)Long $71,460.50
@ESM23EmeraldS12/31/2020 08:203765.25SD SHORT 3G12/31/2020 08:403765.5SD COVER 1R $(19.00)Short $71,842.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/30/2020 08:003774SU BUY 2G12/30/2020 10:303771.25SU SELL 1G $(144.00)Long $71,861.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/30/2020 07:573773DTL v2 ES: Buy12/30/2020 12:183766Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $72,005.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/29/2020 07:573783.75DTL v2 ES: Buy12/29/2020 07:573776.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $72,361.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/28/2020 07:573761DTL v2 ES: Buy12/28/2020 14:063769.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $418.50 Long $72,718.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/23/2020 08:503734.25SU BUY 2G12/23/2020 10:103737SU SELL 1G $131.00 Long $72,299.50
@ESM23EmeraldS12/21/2020 10:003700.25SD SHORT 3G12/21/2020 10:103699.5SD COVER 1R $31.00 Short $72,168.50
@ESM23EmeraldS12/18/2020 10:203734.25SD SHORT 3G12/18/2020 11:003738.75SD COVER 1R $(231.50)Short $72,137.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/14/2020 08:003727.25SU BUY 2G12/14/2020 08:503720.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $72,369.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/14/2020 07:573728.75DTL v2 ES: Buy12/14/2020 08:513721.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $72,725.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/4/2020 08:003715.25SU BUY 2G12/4/2020 11:103722.75SU SELL 1G $368.50 Long $73,082.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/3/2020 08:303710.25SU BUY 2G12/3/2020 11:103707SU SELL 1G $(169.00)Long $72,713.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/1/2020 08:003692.75SU BUY 2G12/1/2020 10:203701SU SELL 1G $406.00 Long $72,882.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/1/2020 07:573691.25DTL v2 ES: Buy12/1/2020 13:123692% Trailing Stop $31.00 Long $72,476.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/26/2020 08:003661.75SU BUY 2G11/26/2020 09:303660.5SU SELL 1G $(69.00)Long $72,445.50
@ESM23EmeraldS11/25/2020 10:303656SD SHORT 3G11/25/2020 11:303658.5SD COVER 1R $(131.50)Short $72,514.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/24/2020 08:203639.25SU BUY 2G11/24/2020 12:503662SU SELL 1G $1,131.00 Long $72,646.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/24/2020 07:573628DTL v2 ES: Buy11/24/2020 14:063666.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,931.00 Long $71,515.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/23/2020 08:003617.25SU BUY 2G11/23/2020 08:503601SU SELL 1G $(819.00)Long $69,584.00
@ESM23EmeraldS11/17/2020 08:403628SD SHORT 3G11/17/2020 09:403640.75SD COVER 1R $(644.00)Short $70,403.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/16/2020 07:573640.75DTL v2 ES: Buy11/16/2020 07:573633.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $71,047.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/13/2020 08:003593.75SU BUY 2G11/13/2020 14:003614.25End of Day Exit $1,018.50 Long $71,403.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/13/2020 07:573593.75DTL v2 ES: Buy11/13/2020 08:243586.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $70,385.00
@ESM23EmeraldS11/12/2020 08:303593.5SD SHORT 3G11/12/2020 09:103593SD COVER 1R $18.50 Short $70,741.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/11/2020 07:573598DTL v2 ES: Buy11/11/2020 07:573591Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $70,723.00
@ESM23EmeraldS11/10/2020 08:203574.75SD SHORT 3G11/10/2020 08:403546.75Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $71,079.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/9/2020 07:573661.75DTL v2 ES: Buy11/9/2020 07:573654.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $69,686.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/5/2020 08:003533.75SU BUY 2G11/5/2020 10:303526.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $70,042.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/5/2020 07:573533DTL v2 ES: Buy11/5/2020 10:123534% Trailing Stop $43.50 Long $70,399.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/4/2020 08:103457.25SU BUY 2G11/4/2020 10:303506.5Profit Target $2,456.00 Long $70,355.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/4/2020 07:573443.5DTL v2 ES: Buy11/4/2020 14:063470.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,356.00 Long $67,899.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/3/2020 08:103386.25SU BUY 2G11/3/2020 11:203397.25SU SELL 1G $543.50 Long $66,543.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/3/2020 07:573375.5DTL v2 ES: Buy11/3/2020 14:063384.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $443.50 Long $66,000.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/2/2020 08:103339.75SU BUY 2G11/2/2020 09:203337.5SU SELL 1G $(119.00)Long $65,556.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/2/2020 07:573327.5DTL v2 ES: Buy11/2/2020 09:273328.75% Trailing Stop $56.00 Long $65,675.50
@ESM23EmeraldS10/30/2020 10:203286.5SD SHORT 3G10/30/2020 10:503285.75SD COVER 1R $31.00 Short $65,619.50
@ESM23EmeraldS10/28/2020 10:203331.5SD SHORT 3G10/28/2020 11:203303.5Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $65,588.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/16/2020 08:103524.25SU BUY 2G10/16/2020 09:503524.25SU SELL 1G $(6.50)Long $64,195.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/16/2020 07:573522.5DTL v2 ES: Buy10/16/2020 09:273523.25% Trailing Stop $31.00 Long $64,201.50
@ESM23EmeraldS10/15/2020 08:103489.25SD SHORT 3G10/15/2020 08:203480.75SD COVER 1R $418.50 Short $64,170.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/14/2020 08:003551.5SU BUY 2G10/14/2020 08:503537.25SU SELL 1G $(719.00)Long $63,752.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/12/2020 08:203529.5SU BUY 2G10/12/2020 13:403567.25SU SELL 1G $1,881.00 Long $64,471.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/12/2020 07:573526.25DTL v2 ES: Buy10/12/2020 14:063558.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,593.50 Long $62,590.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/9/2020 08:003489.5SU BUY 2G10/9/2020 08:203482.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $60,996.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/9/2020 07:573488DTL v2 ES: Buy10/9/2020 14:063502.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $718.50 Long $61,353.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/7/2020 08:003424.75SU BUY 2G10/7/2020 08:203423.5SU SELL 1G $(69.00)Long $60,634.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/5/2020 08:303409.5SU BUY 2G10/5/2020 12:303413.5SU SELL 1G $193.50 Long $60,703.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/30/2020 08:003375.5SU BUY 2G9/30/2020 13:103392SU SELL 1G $818.50 Long $60,510.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/28/2020 07:573362.5DTL v2 ES: Buy9/28/2020 07:573355.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $59,691.50
@ESM23EmeraldS9/21/2020 10:203275.75SD SHORT 3G9/21/2020 12:003270.75SD COVER 1R $243.50 Short $60,048.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/15/2020 08:203437.75SU BUY 2G9/15/2020 09:103436.5SU SELL 1G $(69.00)Long $59,804.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/15/2020 07:573436.5DTL v2 ES: Buy9/15/2020 08:513429.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $59,873.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/14/2020 08:003409.5SU BUY 2G9/14/2020 10:403418.75SU SELL 1G $456.00 Long $60,230.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/14/2020 07:573408.75DTL v2 ES: Buy9/14/2020 13:033401.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $59,774.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/10/2020 08:303444.75SU BUY 2G9/10/2020 09:003408.75Stop Loss $(1,806.50)Long $60,130.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/9/2020 08:103403SU BUY 2G9/9/2020 13:403444SU SELL 1G $2,043.50 Long $61,937.00
@ESM23EmeraldS9/8/2020 08:503399SD SHORT 3G9/8/2020 09:403385.25SD COVER 1R $681.00 Short $59,893.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/2/2020 07:573565.75DTL v2 ES: Buy9/2/2020 08:063558.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $59,212.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/26/2020 08:503472.75SU BUY 2G8/26/2020 14:003497.25End of Day Exit $1,218.50 Long $59,569.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/25/2020 08:103455SU BUY 2G8/25/2020 08:303453SU SELL 1G $(106.50)Long $58,350.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/24/2020 07:573441DTL v2 ES: Buy8/24/2020 09:003434Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $58,457.00
@ESM23EmeraldS8/20/2020 08:103388.5SD SHORT 3G8/20/2020 08:403393SD COVER 1R $(231.50)Short $58,813.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/19/2020 08:203409.75SU BUY 2G8/19/2020 08:303411.25SU SELL 1G $68.50 Long $59,045.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/18/2020 08:003411.5SU BUY 2G8/18/2020 08:103404.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $58,976.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/18/2020 07:573411.5DTL v2 ES: Buy8/18/2020 07:573404.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $59,333.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/17/2020 08:003401.5SU BUY 2G8/17/2020 08:403400.75SU SELL 1G $(44.00)Long $59,689.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/11/2020 08:003392.5SU BUY 2G8/11/2020 08:103385.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $59,733.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/11/2020 07:573393DTL v2 ES: Buy8/11/2020 08:063386Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $60,090.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/10/2020 08:003376.5SU BUY 2G8/10/2020 09:203359.5SU SELL 1G $(856.50)Long $60,446.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/5/2020 08:003338SU BUY 2G8/5/2020 11:303340.25SU SELL 1G $106.00 Long $61,303.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/5/2020 07:573335.75DTL v2 ES: Buy8/5/2020 14:063341.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $281.00 Long $61,197.00
@ESM23EmeraldS8/4/2020 08:103307.75SD SHORT 3G8/4/2020 08:303312SD COVER 1R $(219.00)Short $60,916.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/3/2020 08:103305.25SU BUY 2G8/3/2020 09:103304SU SELL 1G $(69.00)Long $61,135.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/31/2020 08:103269SU BUY 2G7/31/2020 08:503255SU SELL 1G $(706.50)Long $61,204.00
@ESM23EmeraldS7/30/2020 09:303244.5SD SHORT 3G7/30/2020 10:203246SD COVER 1R $(81.50)Short $61,910.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/27/2020 08:103248.25SU BUY 2G7/27/2020 10:003240.5SU SELL 1G $(394.00)Long $61,992.00
@ESM23EmeraldS7/24/2020 08:203233.75SD SHORT 3G7/24/2020 08:503226SD COVER 1R $381.00 Short $62,386.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/21/2020 08:103289SU BUY 2G7/21/2020 08:503282SU SELL 1G $(356.50)Long $62,005.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/21/2020 07:573284.75DTL v2 ES: Buy7/21/2020 08:333277.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $62,361.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/15/2020 07:573244.25DTL v2 ES: Buy7/15/2020 08:063237.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $62,718.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/13/2020 08:303227.75SU BUY 2G7/13/2020 12:303230.25SU SELL 1G $118.50 Long $63,074.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/13/2020 07:573216.75DTL v2 ES: Buy7/13/2020 12:363218.25% Trailing Stop $68.50 Long $62,956.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/10/2020 08:003167SU BUY 2G7/10/2020 08:303162.75SU SELL 1G $(219.00)Long $62,887.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/6/2020 08:103189.5SU BUY 2G7/6/2020 08:503184.5SU SELL 1G $(256.50)Long $63,106.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/6/2020 07:573185.5DTL v2 ES: Buy7/6/2020 08:333178.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $63,363.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/2/2020 08:003173SU BUY 2G7/2/2020 08:303166Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $63,719.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/2/2020 07:573173.5DTL v2 ES: Buy7/2/2020 08:243166.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $64,076.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/1/2020 08:003125.25SU BUY 2G7/1/2020 09:303118.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $64,432.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/30/2020 09:103087SU BUY 2G6/30/2020 11:303082SU SELL 1G $(256.50)Long $64,789.00
@ESM23EmeraldS6/25/2020 08:303059.75SD SHORT 3G6/25/2020 08:503062.5SD COVER 1R $(144.00)Short $65,045.50
@ESM23EmeraldS6/24/2020 12:403066.25SD SHORT 3G6/24/2020 13:003062.25SD COVER 1R $193.50 Short $65,189.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/23/2020 07:573157DTL v2 ES: Buy6/23/2020 07:573150Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $64,996.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/19/2020 07:573156.25DTL v2 ES: Buy6/19/2020 08:063149.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $65,352.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/16/2020 07:573156.5DTL v2 ES: Buy6/16/2020 07:573149.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $65,709.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/5/2020 08:003191SU BUY 2G6/5/2020 08:103184Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $66,065.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/5/2020 07:573190DTL v2 ES: Buy6/5/2020 14:063200B3 Breakout ES: CL $493.50 Long $66,422.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/3/2020 08:103114.25SU BUY 2G6/3/2020 10:403124.25SU SELL 1G $493.50 Long $65,928.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/3/2020 07:573112.5DTL v2 ES: Buy6/3/2020 14:063130B3 Breakout ES: CL $868.50 Long $65,435.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/25/2020 07:572995DTL v2 ES: Buy5/26/2020 13:572996.75% Trailing Stop $81.00 Long $64,566.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/20/2020 08:002975SU BUY 2G5/20/2020 11:302973.25SU SELL 1G $(94.00)Long $64,485.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/18/2020 08:302944.25SU BUY 2G5/18/2020 14:002958.5End of Day Exit $706.00 Long $64,579.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/18/2020 07:572948.75DTL v2 ES: Buy5/18/2020 07:572941.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $63,873.50
@ESM23EmeraldS5/13/2020 11:002826SD SHORT 3G5/13/2020 13:302798Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $64,230.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/8/2020 08:102917SU BUY 2G5/8/2020 08:202919SU SELL 1G $93.50 Long $62,836.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/7/2020 08:002892SU BUY 2G5/7/2020 12:302895.25SU SELL 1G $156.00 Long $62,743.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/5/2020 08:002884.75SU BUY 2G5/5/2020 11:302891.5SU SELL 1G $331.00 Long $62,587.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/5/2020 07:572880.25DTL v2 ES: Buy5/5/2020 13:302881.25% Trailing Stop $43.50 Long $62,256.00
@ESM23EmeraldS5/4/2020 08:202819.25SD SHORT 3G5/4/2020 09:102815.5SD COVER 1R $181.00 Short $62,212.50
@ESM23EmeraldS5/1/2020 09:002862.75SD SHORT 3G5/1/2020 10:002834.75Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $62,031.50
@ESM23EmeraldS4/30/2020 11:102908.75SD SHORT 3G4/30/2020 13:502911.5SD COVER 1R $(144.00)Short $60,638.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/29/2020 08:102929.5SU BUY 2G4/29/2020 12:402944SU SELL 1G $718.50 Long $60,782.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/29/2020 07:572923.75DTL v2 ES: Buy4/29/2020 14:062945.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,081.00 Long $60,063.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/28/2020 07:572916.5DTL v2 ES: Buy4/28/2020 08:062909.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $58,982.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/27/2020 09:002870.25SU BUY 2G4/27/2020 12:502881SU SELL 1G $531.00 Long $59,339.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/23/2020 08:302831.75SU BUY 2G4/23/2020 11:102819.5SU SELL 1G $(619.00)Long $58,808.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/22/2020 07:572783.75DTL v2 ES: Buy4/22/2020 14:062796.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $631.00 Long $59,427.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/17/2020 07:572857.5DTL v2 ES: Buy4/17/2020 08:152850.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $58,796.00
@ESM23EmeraldS4/15/2020 11:002782.5SD SHORT 3G4/15/2020 11:402786.75SD COVER 1R $(219.00)Short $59,152.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/14/2020 08:002833.5SU BUY 2G4/14/2020 09:002826.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $59,371.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/14/2020 07:572828.5DTL v2 ES: Buy4/14/2020 09:002829.25% Trailing Stop $31.00 Long $59,728.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/9/2020 08:002805.5SU BUY 2G4/9/2020 08:102798.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $59,697.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/9/2020 07:572805.75DTL v2 ES: Buy4/9/2020 08:152798.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $60,053.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/7/2020 08:102747SU BUY 2G4/7/2020 08:202711Stop Loss $(1,806.50)Long $60,410.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/7/2020 07:572741.5DTL v2 ES: Buy4/7/2020 08:062734.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $62,216.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/6/2020 08:102608.25SU BUY 2G4/6/2020 13:402645.25Profit Target $1,843.50 Long $62,573.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/6/2020 07:572592DTL v2 ES: Buy4/6/2020 13:392645Profit Target $2,643.50 Long $60,729.50
@ESM23EmeraldS3/27/2020 09:202556.75SD SHORT 3G3/27/2020 09:402552SD COVER 1R $231.00 Short $58,086.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/24/2020 08:302380.75SU BUY 2G3/24/2020 10:102414.75Profit Target $1,693.50 Long $57,855.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/24/2020 07:572363.25DTL v2 ES: Buy3/24/2020 08:062363.75% Trailing Stop $18.50 Long $56,161.50
@ESM23EmeraldS3/18/2020 08:102418.5SD SHORT 3G3/18/2020 08:302422.75SD COVER 1R $(219.00)Short $56,143.00
@ESM23EmeraldS3/12/2020 08:502561.75SD SHORT 3G3/12/2020 09:202544.25SD COVER 1R $868.50 Short $56,362.00
@ESM23EmeraldS3/9/2020 08:302814.5SD SHORT 3G3/9/2020 08:402802.25SD COVER 1R $606.00 Short $55,493.50
@ESM23EmeraldS2/27/2020 09:103055.5SD SHORT 3G2/27/2020 09:403051.25SD COVER 1R $206.00 Short $54,887.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/19/2020 08:003386SU BUY 2G2/19/2020 10:303392.25SU SELL 1G $306.00 Long $54,681.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/19/2020 07:573384DTL v2 ES: Buy2/19/2020 14:063389B3 Breakout ES: CL $243.50 Long $54,375.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/17/2020 09:003388.75SU BUY 2G2/17/2020 14:003388.5End of Day Exit $(19.00)Long $54,132.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/17/2020 07:573387DTL v2 ES: Buy2/18/2020 07:393369Stop Loss $(906.50)Long $54,151.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/11/2020 08:303372.25SU BUY 2G2/11/2020 10:003366.25SU SELL 1G $(306.50)Long $55,057.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/11/2020 07:573365.75DTL v2 ES: Buy2/11/2020 12:273358.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $55,364.00
@ESM23EmeraldS2/7/2020 08:403334.75SD SHORT 3G2/7/2020 09:503337.75SD COVER 1R $(156.50)Short $55,720.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/5/2020 07:573325.5DTL v2 ES: Buy2/5/2020 08:333318.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $55,877.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/4/2020 08:503298.25SU BUY 2G2/4/2020 12:003301.5SU SELL 1G $156.00 Long $56,233.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/4/2020 07:573291.5DTL v2 ES: Buy2/4/2020 14:063297.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $306.00 Long $56,077.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/3/2020 08:003255.5SU BUY 2G2/3/2020 10:103248.5SU SELL 1G $(356.50)Long $55,771.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/3/2020 07:573255.25DTL v2 ES: Buy2/3/2020 09:453248.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $56,128.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/28/2020 08:103257.75SU BUY 2G1/28/2020 14:003276.25End of Day Exit $918.50 Long $56,484.50
@ESM23EmeraldS1/27/2020 08:103251.75SD SHORT 3G1/27/2020 08:203249.5SD COVER 1R $106.00 Short $55,566.00
@ESM23EmeraldS1/23/2020 08:203311.75SD SHORT 3G1/23/2020 10:503310.75SD COVER 1R $43.50 Short $55,460.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/22/2020 08:003336SU BUY 2G1/22/2020 09:503329.75SU SELL 1G $(319.00)Long $55,416.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/22/2020 07:573335.25DTL v2 ES: Buy1/22/2020 09:183328.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $55,735.50
@ESM23EmeraldS1/21/2020 08:003322SD SHORT 3G1/21/2020 08:303318.25SD COVER 1R $181.00 Short $56,092.00
@ESM23EmeraldS1/20/2020 08:103323.5SD SHORT 3G1/20/2020 08:203322.75SD COVER 1R $31.00 Short $55,911.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/17/2020 08:103325.5SU BUY 2G1/17/2020 08:403326.75SU SELL 1G $56.00 Long $55,880.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/17/2020 07:573322.5DTL v2 ES: Buy1/17/2020 14:063327B3 Breakout ES: CL $218.50 Long $55,824.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/16/2020 08:203307.25SU BUY 2G1/16/2020 10:503308.75SU SELL 1G $68.50 Long $55,605.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/16/2020 07:573304.75DTL v2 ES: Buy1/16/2020 14:063317.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $618.50 Long $55,537.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/15/2020 08:003292.25SU BUY 2G1/15/2020 11:303291.25SU SELL 1G $(56.50)Long $54,918.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/10/2020 08:103281.25SU BUY 2G1/10/2020 08:503282.25SU SELL 1G $43.50 Long $54,975.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/8/2020 08:003245.25SU BUY 2G1/8/2020 12:203259SU SELL 1G $681.00 Long $54,931.50
@ESM23EmeraldS1/6/2020 08:103226SD SHORT 3G1/6/2020 08:503229.75SD COVER 1R $(194.00)Short $54,250.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/2/2020 07:573249.5DTL v2 ES: Buy1/2/2020 08:153242.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $54,444.50
@ESM23EmeraldS12/30/2019 10:403230.75SD SHORT 3G12/30/2019 11:103230.25SD COVER 1R $18.50 Short $54,801.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/27/2019 07:573247DTL v2 ES: Buy12/27/2019 08:063240Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $54,782.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/26/2019 08:003234SU BUY 2G12/26/2019 11:303237SU SELL 1G $143.50 Long $55,139.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/26/2019 07:573234DTL v2 ES: Buy12/26/2019 14:063243.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $468.50 Long $54,995.50
@ESM23EmeraldS12/24/2019 08:303225SD SHORT 3G12/26/2019 08:103233.5SD COVER 1R $(431.50)Short $54,527.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/20/2019 09:303227SU BUY 2G12/20/2019 11:503227.5SU SELL 1G $18.50 Long $54,958.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/20/2019 07:573220.5DTL v2 ES: Buy12/20/2019 14:063226.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $293.50 Long $54,940.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/19/2019 08:003200.75SU BUY 2G12/19/2019 08:403201.75SU SELL 1G $43.50 Long $54,646.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/16/2019 08:003196.25SU BUY 2G12/16/2019 12:303200.5SU SELL 1G $206.00 Long $54,603.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/16/2019 07:573197.25DTL v2 ES: Buy12/16/2019 14:063198.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $56.00 Long $54,397.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/12/2019 08:203174.25SU BUY 2G12/12/2019 10:503162.75SU SELL 1G $(581.50)Long $54,341.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/12/2019 07:573160.25DTL v2 ES: Buy12/12/2019 10:033161.25% Trailing Stop $43.50 Long $54,922.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/11/2019 08:103145.25SU BUY 2G12/11/2019 09:203139.75SU SELL 1G $(281.50)Long $54,879.00
@ESM23EmeraldS12/10/2019 08:203138.5SD SHORT 3G12/10/2019 08:503142.75SD COVER 1R $(219.00)Short $55,160.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/6/2019 08:003146.75SU BUY 2G12/6/2019 13:403150.75SU SELL 1G $193.50 Long $55,379.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/6/2019 07:573147DTL v2 ES: Buy12/6/2019 14:063148.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $81.00 Long $55,186.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/4/2019 08:003115.75SU BUY 2G12/4/2019 11:003117.75SU SELL 1G $93.50 Long $55,105.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/4/2019 07:573113.75DTL v2 ES: Buy12/4/2019 14:063112.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $(56.50)Long $55,011.50
@ESM23EmeraldS12/3/2019 10:403085.25SD SHORT 3G12/3/2019 12:003090.5SD COVER 1R $(269.00)Short $55,068.00
@ESM23EmeraldS12/2/2019 10:203123.25SD SHORT 3G12/2/2019 12:103122SD COVER 1R $56.00 Short $55,337.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/27/2019 08:103148.25SU BUY 2G11/27/2019 08:303147SU SELL 1G $(69.00)Long $55,281.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/25/2019 08:003128.25SU BUY 2G11/25/2019 11:003132SU SELL 1G $181.00 Long $55,350.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/25/2019 07:573127.25DTL v2 ES: Buy11/25/2019 14:063134.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $368.50 Long $55,169.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/15/2019 07:573109.75DTL v2 ES: Buy11/15/2019 14:063121B3 Breakout ES: CL $556.00 Long $54,800.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/12/2019 08:003096.25SU BUY 2G11/12/2019 10:403097.5SU SELL 1G $56.00 Long $54,244.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/12/2019 07:573096.75DTL v2 ES: Buy11/12/2019 12:543089.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $54,188.50
@ESM23EmeraldS11/11/2019 08:103085.25SD SHORT 3G11/11/2019 08:203085.25SD COVER 1R $(6.50)Short $54,545.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/7/2019 08:003095.25SU BUY 2G11/7/2019 12:003092.75SU SELL 1G $(131.50)Long $54,551.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/7/2019 07:573095.25DTL v2 ES: Buy11/7/2019 12:453088.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $54,683.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/4/2019 07:573082.25DTL v2 ES: Buy11/4/2019 14:063079.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $(156.50)Long $55,039.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/1/2019 08:003056.25SU BUY 2G11/1/2019 09:103062.75SU SELL 1G $318.50 Long $55,196.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/1/2019 07:573056.5DTL v2 ES: Buy11/1/2019 14:063067B3 Breakout ES: CL $518.50 Long $54,877.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/28/2019 08:003042.75SU BUY 2G10/28/2019 11:003041.25SU SELL 1G $(81.50)Long $54,359.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/28/2019 07:573043DTL v2 ES: Buy10/28/2019 14:063039.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $(169.00)Long $54,440.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/22/2019 08:103015SU BUY 2G10/22/2019 08:403013.75SU SELL 1G $(69.00)Long $54,609.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/22/2019 07:573013.75DTL v2 ES: Buy10/22/2019 12:543006.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $54,678.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/17/2019 08:103009.75SU BUY 2G10/17/2019 09:303003.25SU SELL 1G $(331.50)Long $55,035.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/17/2019 07:573008.75DTL v2 ES: Buy10/17/2019 08:513001.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $55,366.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/15/2019 08:002984SU BUY 2G10/15/2019 11:303003SU SELL 1G $943.50 Long $55,723.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/15/2019 07:572984DTL v2 ES: Buy10/15/2019 14:062999.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $768.50 Long $54,779.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/11/2019 08:002982.75SU BUY 2G10/11/2019 10:402984.5SU SELL 1G $81.00 Long $54,011.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/11/2019 07:572980.25DTL v2 ES: Buy10/11/2019 10:392981% Trailing Stop $31.00 Long $53,930.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/10/2019 08:002930.25SU BUY 2G10/10/2019 11:002940.5SU SELL 1G $506.00 Long $53,899.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/9/2019 08:002918.25SU BUY 2G10/9/2019 09:002918.5SU SELL 1G $6.00 Long $53,393.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/4/2019 09:102928.75SU BUY 2G10/4/2019 14:002954End of Day Exit $1,256.00 Long $53,387.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/4/2019 07:572928.25DTL v2 ES: Buy10/4/2019 14:062954.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,293.50 Long $52,131.00
@ESM23EmeraldS10/2/2019 12:302889.25SD SHORT 3G10/2/2019 13:202892.75SD COVER 1R $(181.50)Short $50,837.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/1/2019 08:002996.5SU BUY 2G10/1/2019 08:102989.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $51,019.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/1/2019 07:572996.25DTL v2 ES: Buy10/1/2019 08:062989.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $51,375.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/24/2019 08:003010.75SU BUY 2G9/24/2019 08:203003.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $51,732.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/24/2019 07:573010.25DTL v2 ES: Buy9/24/2019 08:243003.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $52,088.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/19/2019 08:203021.25SU BUY 2G9/19/2019 11:303020.75SU SELL 1G $(31.50)Long $52,445.00
@ESM23EmeraldS9/16/2019 08:103007.25SD SHORT 3G9/16/2019 08:203006.25SD COVER 1R $43.50 Short $52,476.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/12/2019 08:403022.5SU BUY 2G9/12/2019 09:203012.25SU SELL 1G $(519.00)Long $52,433.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/11/2019 08:302991.25SU BUY 2G9/11/2019 13:503001.25SU SELL 1G $493.50 Long $52,952.00
@ESM23EmeraldS9/10/2019 10:102971.5SD SHORT 3G9/10/2019 10:502976SD COVER 1R $(231.50)Short $52,458.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/5/2019 08:002977SU BUY 2G9/5/2019 10:302982.5SU SELL 1G $268.50 Long $52,690.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/5/2019 07:572975.5DTL v2 ES: Buy9/5/2019 14:062977.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $81.00 Long $52,421.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/4/2019 07:572934DTL v2 ES: Buy9/4/2019 08:152927Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $52,340.50
@ESM23EmeraldS9/2/2019 08:402921.75SD SHORT 3G9/3/2019 08:002912.5SD COVER 1R $456.00 Short $52,697.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/30/2019 07:572941DTL v2 ES: Buy8/30/2019 09:092934Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $52,241.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/29/2019 08:002927.25SU BUY 2G8/29/2019 08:202920.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $52,597.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/29/2019 07:572926DTL v2 ES: Buy8/29/2019 08:422919Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $52,954.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/27/2019 07:572901.25DTL v2 ES: Buy8/27/2019 08:152894.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $53,310.50
@ESM23EmeraldS8/23/2019 08:302922SD SHORT 3G8/23/2019 09:002924.5SD COVER 1R $(131.50)Short $53,667.00
@ESM23EmeraldS8/20/2019 08:302919SD SHORT 3G8/20/2019 09:402924.25SD COVER 1R $(269.00)Short $53,798.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/19/2019 07:572926.5DTL v2 ES: Buy8/19/2019 14:062927.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $43.50 Long $54,067.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/16/2019 08:502884.25SU BUY 2G8/16/2019 11:202895.75SU SELL 1G $568.50 Long $54,024.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/16/2019 07:572876.25DTL v2 ES: Buy8/16/2019 14:062894.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $893.50 Long $53,455.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/13/2019 08:002929SU BUY 2G8/13/2019 11:002935.75SU SELL 1G $331.00 Long $52,562.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/8/2019 08:202912.5SU BUY 2G8/8/2019 13:202936.5SU SELL 1G $1,193.50 Long $52,231.00
@ESM23EmeraldS8/7/2019 08:302855.5SD SHORT 3G8/7/2019 09:002865.5SD COVER 1R $(506.50)Short $51,037.50
@ESM23EmeraldS8/5/2019 09:302878.75SD SHORT 3G8/5/2019 11:102850.75Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $51,544.00
@ESM23EmeraldS8/2/2019 10:202933.25SD SHORT 3G8/2/2019 10:502934.5SD COVER 1R $(69.00)Short $50,150.50
@ESM23EmeraldS7/30/2019 08:103015.5SD SHORT 3G7/30/2019 08:403015.5SD COVER 1R $(6.50)Short $50,219.50
@ESM23EmeraldS7/29/2019 09:403027.25SD SHORT 3G7/29/2019 11:203027.25SD COVER 1R $(6.50)Short $50,226.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/26/2019 09:403026.75SU BUY 2G7/26/2019 14:003031.75End of Day Exit $243.50 Long $50,232.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/26/2019 07:573022.75DTL v2 ES: Buy7/26/2019 14:063030.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $368.50 Long $49,989.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/23/2019 07:573000.75DTL v2 ES: Buy7/23/2019 14:063011.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $518.50 Long $49,620.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/10/2019 08:003008.75SU BUY 2G7/10/2019 08:303001.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $49,102.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/10/2019 07:573007.5DTL v2 ES: Buy7/10/2019 09:003000.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $49,458.50
@ESM23EmeraldS7/8/2019 11:102982SD SHORT 3G7/8/2019 11:402982.5SD COVER 1R $(31.50)Short $49,815.00
@ESM23EmeraldS7/5/2019 09:202983.25SD SHORT 3G7/5/2019 10:002985SD COVER 1R $(94.00)Short $49,846.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/3/2019 08:002989SU BUY 2G7/3/2019 14:003006End of Day Exit $843.50 Long $49,940.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/3/2019 07:572990.25DTL v2 ES: Buy7/5/2019 07:392990.75% Trailing Stop $18.50 Long $49,097.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/1/2019 07:572980.75DTL v2 ES: Buy7/1/2019 08:422973.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $49,078.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/27/2019 08:102936SU BUY 2G6/27/2019 09:202934SU SELL 1G $(106.50)Long $49,435.00
@ESM23EmeraldS6/25/2019 09:302946.25SD SHORT 3G6/26/2019 07:402936.25Cover End Of Day $493.50 Short $49,541.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/20/2019 07:572963.25DTL v2 ES: Buy6/20/2019 08:422956.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $49,048.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/18/2019 08:002936.75SU BUY 2G6/18/2019 10:002929.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $49,404.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/18/2019 07:572933.5DTL v2 ES: Buy6/18/2019 11:062926.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $49,761.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/17/2019 08:102903SU BUY 2G6/17/2019 11:002903.75SU SELL 1G $31.00 Long $50,117.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/13/2019 08:002902.75SU BUY 2G6/13/2019 08:102895.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $50,086.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/13/2019 07:572903.25DTL v2 ES: Buy6/13/2019 08:152896.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $50,443.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/10/2019 08:202905.5SU BUY 2G6/10/2019 11:202906.5SU SELL 1G $43.50 Long $50,799.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/10/2019 07:572900.75DTL v2 ES: Buy6/10/2019 14:062896B3 Breakout ES: CL $(244.00)Long $50,756.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/7/2019 08:202879SU BUY 2G6/7/2019 11:502889.75SU SELL 1G $531.00 Long $51,000.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/7/2019 07:572874.75DTL v2 ES: Buy6/7/2019 14:062882B3 Breakout ES: CL $356.00 Long $50,469.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/4/2019 08:102777.75SU BUY 2G6/4/2019 08:302782SU SELL 1G $206.00 Long $50,113.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/4/2019 07:572777.75DTL v2 ES: Buy6/4/2019 14:062812.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,731.00 Long $49,907.00
@ESM23EmeraldS5/31/2019 09:002771.25SD SHORT 3G5/31/2019 09:502774.25SD COVER 1R $(156.50)Short $48,176.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/30/2019 08:002806SU BUY 2G5/30/2019 09:002799Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $48,332.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/30/2019 07:572805.5DTL v2 ES: Buy5/30/2019 09:002798.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $48,689.00
@ESM23EmeraldS5/29/2019 10:402786SD SHORT 3G5/29/2019 11:102782.5SD COVER 1R $168.50 Short $49,045.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/28/2019 08:002850SU BUY 2G5/28/2019 08:202843Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $48,877.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/28/2019 07:572848.25DTL v2 ES: Buy5/28/2019 08:242841.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $49,233.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/24/2019 07:572846DTL v2 ES: Buy5/24/2019 08:332839Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $49,590.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/21/2019 08:002870SU BUY 2G5/21/2019 11:102875.25SU SELL 1G $256.00 Long $49,946.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/21/2019 07:572869DTL v2 ES: Buy5/21/2019 14:062875.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $331.00 Long $49,690.50
@ESM23EmeraldS5/20/2019 08:202856SD SHORT 3G5/20/2019 09:002858SD COVER 1R $(106.50)Short $49,359.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/16/2019 08:002882.25SU BUY 2G5/16/2019 12:302893.75SU SELL 1G $568.50 Long $49,466.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/16/2019 07:572880DTL v2 ES: Buy5/16/2019 14:062887.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $381.00 Long $48,897.50
@ESM23EmeraldS5/15/2019 08:102833.75SD SHORT 3G5/15/2019 08:202833SD COVER 1R $31.00 Short $48,516.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/14/2019 08:202839.75SU BUY 2G5/14/2019 10:502855.5SU SELL 1G $781.00 Long $48,485.50
@ESM23EmeraldS5/13/2019 12:102822.75SD SHORT 3G5/13/2019 12:502826.5SD COVER 1R $(194.00)Short $47,704.50
@ESM23EmeraldS5/9/2019 10:102858SD SHORT 3G5/9/2019 11:002874.5SD COVER 1R $(831.50)Short $47,898.50
@ESM23EmeraldS5/7/2019 10:402902.75SD SHORT 3G5/7/2019 13:402874.75Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $48,730.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/3/2019 08:502944SU BUY 2G5/3/2019 12:402955.5SU SELL 1G $568.50 Long $47,336.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/3/2019 07:572944DTL v2 ES: Buy5/3/2019 14:062954.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $531.00 Long $46,768.00
@ESM23EmeraldS4/30/2019 09:502945SD SHORT 3G4/30/2019 11:002947.25SD COVER 1R $(119.00)Short $46,237.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/29/2019 08:002954.25SU BUY 2G4/29/2019 14:002954End of Day Exit $(19.00)Long $46,356.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/29/2019 07:572955.5DTL v2 ES: Buy4/29/2019 14:062953.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $(106.50)Long $46,375.00
@ESM23EmeraldS4/25/2019 09:102932.75SD SHORT 3G4/25/2019 10:202941.25SD COVER 1R $(431.50)Short $46,481.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/23/2019 08:002926SU BUY 2G4/23/2019 12:202945.25SU SELL 1G $956.00 Long $46,913.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/23/2019 07:572925.75DTL v2 ES: Buy4/23/2019 14:062946.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,043.50 Long $45,957.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/16/2019 07:572927.25DTL v2 ES: Buy4/16/2019 09:092920.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $44,913.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/12/2019 07:572922.25DTL v2 ES: Buy4/12/2019 08:422915.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $45,270.00
@ESM23EmeraldS4/9/2019 09:302895.5SD SHORT 3G4/9/2019 10:402898.5SD COVER 1R $(156.50)Short $45,626.50
@ESM23EmeraldS4/8/2019 08:302899SD SHORT 3G4/8/2019 10:002901.75SD COVER 1R $(144.00)Short $45,783.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/5/2019 08:102901.5SU BUY 2G4/5/2019 11:102902.25SU SELL 1G $31.00 Long $45,927.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/5/2019 07:572900DTL v2 ES: Buy4/5/2019 14:062905.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $256.00 Long $45,896.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/3/2019 07:572891.5DTL v2 ES: Buy4/3/2019 08:062884.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $45,640.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/1/2019 08:302870.25SU BUY 2G4/1/2019 14:002879.75End of Day Exit $468.50 Long $45,996.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/1/2019 07:572866.5DTL v2 ES: Buy4/1/2019 14:062877.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $531.00 Long $45,528.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/28/2019 08:102828SU BUY 2G3/28/2019 09:502816.25SU SELL 1G $(594.00)Long $44,997.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/26/2019 08:002838.5SU BUY 2G3/26/2019 10:002831.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $45,591.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/26/2019 07:572840.25DTL v2 ES: Buy3/26/2019 09:542833.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $45,947.50
@ESM23EmeraldS3/20/2019 09:202841.25SD SHORT 3G3/20/2019 12:302845.75SD COVER 1R $(231.50)Short $46,304.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/19/2019 08:302861.25SU BUY 2G3/19/2019 09:202856SU SELL 1G $(269.00)Long $46,535.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/19/2019 07:572858.5DTL v2 ES: Buy3/19/2019 10:572851.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $46,804.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/18/2019 08:002845.75SU BUY 2G3/18/2019 10:002840.5SU SELL 1G $(269.00)Long $47,161.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/15/2019 09:102829.75SU BUY 2G3/15/2019 12:502839.75SU SELL 1G $493.50 Long $47,430.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/15/2019 07:572831.25DTL v2 ES: Buy3/15/2019 14:062835.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $218.50 Long $46,936.50
@ESM23EmeraldS3/14/2019 08:502823.25SD SHORT 3G3/14/2019 09:402824SD COVER 1R $(44.00)Short $46,718.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/13/2019 08:202820.25SU BUY 2G3/13/2019 11:502831.75SU SELL 1G $568.50 Long $46,762.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/12/2019 08:402808SU BUY 2G3/12/2019 09:502807.75SU SELL 1G $(19.00)Long $46,193.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/12/2019 07:572804DTL v2 ES: Buy3/12/2019 14:062804.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $31.00 Long $46,212.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/11/2019 08:002772SU BUY 2G3/11/2019 14:002796.75End of Day Exit $1,231.00 Long $46,181.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/11/2019 07:572772.75DTL v2 ES: Buy3/11/2019 14:062796.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,168.50 Long $44,950.50
@ESM23EmeraldS3/7/2019 11:002771.25SD SHORT 3G3/7/2019 11:202772SD COVER 1R $(44.00)Short $43,782.00
@ESM23EmeraldS3/6/2019 09:202797.75SD SHORT 3G3/7/2019 07:402780.75Cover End Of Day $843.50 Short $43,826.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/4/2019 07:572830.75DTL v2 ES: Buy3/4/2019 08:152823.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $42,982.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/1/2019 08:002821.5SU BUY 2G3/1/2019 08:202814.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $43,339.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/1/2019 07:572821.5DTL v2 ES: Buy3/1/2019 08:242814.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $43,695.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/25/2019 08:302825SU BUY 2G2/25/2019 11:202818.75SU SELL 1G $(319.00)Long $44,052.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/25/2019 07:572822.75DTL v2 ES: Buy2/25/2019 11:332815.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $44,371.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/22/2019 08:102799.75SU BUY 2G2/22/2019 12:202805.5SU SELL 1G $281.00 Long $44,727.50
@ESM23EmeraldS2/21/2019 09:302790.25SD SHORT 3G2/21/2019 11:202794.75SD COVER 1R $(231.50)Short $44,446.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/18/2019 08:102792.25SU BUY 2G2/18/2019 10:302792.25SU SELL 1G $(6.50)Long $44,678.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/15/2019 08:002784.5SU BUY 2G2/15/2019 09:302777.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $44,684.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/15/2019 07:572785.25DTL v2 ES: Buy2/15/2019 08:152778.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $45,041.00
@ESM23EmeraldS2/14/2019 08:302758.75SD SHORT 3G2/14/2019 09:102756SD COVER 1R $131.00 Short $45,397.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/13/2019 08:002775SU BUY 2G2/13/2019 08:202768Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $45,266.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/13/2019 07:572775.75DTL v2 ES: Buy2/13/2019 08:242768.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $45,623.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/12/2019 08:002747.25SU BUY 2G2/12/2019 14:002758.5End of Day Exit $556.00 Long $45,979.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/12/2019 07:572747.25DTL v2 ES: Buy2/12/2019 14:062758.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $556.00 Long $45,423.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/5/2019 09:002749SU BUY 2G2/5/2019 11:302738.75SU SELL 1G $(519.00)Long $44,867.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/5/2019 07:572743.75DTL v2 ES: Buy2/5/2019 11:152736.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $45,386.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/30/2019 07:572667.5DTL v2 ES: Buy1/30/2019 14:062692.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,256.00 Long $45,743.00
@ESM23EmeraldS1/28/2019 08:302648SD SHORT 3G1/28/2019 11:102643.25SD COVER 1R $231.00 Short $44,487.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/25/2019 08:102676.5SU BUY 2G1/25/2019 09:502680.5SU SELL 1G $193.50 Long $44,256.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/25/2019 07:572674.5DTL v2 ES: Buy1/25/2019 14:062677.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $143.50 Long $44,062.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/23/2019 08:002666.25SU BUY 2G1/23/2019 08:202659.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $43,919.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/23/2019 07:572664.75DTL v2 ES: Buy1/23/2019 08:242657.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $44,275.50
@ESM23EmeraldS1/22/2019 08:502661.75SD SHORT 3G1/22/2019 12:502633.75Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $44,632.00
@ESM23EmeraldS1/21/2019 10:002676.75SD SHORT 3G1/21/2019 11:002677.5SD COVER 1R $(44.00)Short $43,238.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/18/2019 07:572666.25DTL v2 ES: Buy1/18/2019 14:062683.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $868.50 Long $43,282.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/16/2019 08:002635.5SU BUY 2G1/16/2019 08:502628.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $42,414.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/16/2019 07:572637.25DTL v2 ES: Buy1/16/2019 08:422630.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $42,770.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/15/2019 08:002611.5SU BUY 2G1/15/2019 11:202622.75SU SELL 1G $556.00 Long $43,127.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/15/2019 07:572611.25DTL v2 ES: Buy1/15/2019 12:362612% Trailing Stop $31.00 Long $42,571.00
@ESM23EmeraldS1/10/2019 09:002593.5SD SHORT 3G1/10/2019 09:402597.25SD COVER 1R $(194.00)Short $42,540.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/4/2019 08:002508SU BUY 2G1/4/2019 10:502543.75Profit Target $1,781.00 Long $42,734.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/4/2019 07:572505.25DTL v2 ES: Buy1/4/2019 14:062546.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $2,068.50 Long $40,953.00
@ESM23EmeraldS1/2/2019 08:102494SD SHORT 3G1/2/2019 08:302503.5SD COVER 1R $(481.50)Short $38,884.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/28/2018 08:102517.5SU BUY 2G12/28/2018 09:002500.25SU SELL 1G $(869.00)Long $39,366.00
@ESM23EmeraldS12/24/2018 08:502413SD SHORT 3G12/24/2018 09:502385Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $40,235.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/11/2018 07:572687.5DTL v2 ES: Buy12/11/2018 08:512680.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $38,841.50
@ESM23EmeraldS12/6/2018 10:102664.25SD SHORT 3G12/6/2018 11:202671.75SD COVER 1R $(381.50)Short $39,198.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/3/2018 07:572811.75DTL v2 ES: Buy12/3/2018 08:062804.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $39,579.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/26/2018 08:002683.25SU BUY 2G11/26/2018 09:002683.5SU SELL 1G $6.00 Long $39,936.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/26/2018 07:572680.5DTL v2 ES: Buy11/26/2018 10:392673.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $39,930.00
@ESM23EmeraldS11/20/2018 08:502675.5SD SHORT 3G11/20/2018 09:202683.25SD COVER 1R $(394.00)Short $40,286.50
@ESM23EmeraldS11/15/2018 09:202713.25SD SHORT 3G11/15/2018 09:302713SD COVER 1R $6.00 Short $40,680.50
@ESM23EmeraldS11/12/2018 10:102761.75SD SHORT 3G11/12/2018 13:102757.5SD COVER 1R $206.00 Short $40,674.50
@ESM23EmeraldS11/9/2018 09:502803.75SD SHORT 3G11/9/2018 13:502803.75SD COVER 1R $(6.50)Short $40,468.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/7/2018 08:402801.75SU BUY 2G11/7/2018 14:002831.75End of Day Exit $1,493.50 Long $40,475.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/7/2018 07:572798.25DTL v2 ES: Buy11/7/2018 14:062833.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,768.50 Long $38,981.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/6/2018 08:002768.75SU BUY 2G11/6/2018 10:102766SU SELL 1G $(144.00)Long $37,213.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/2/2018 08:002772.75SU BUY 2G11/2/2018 08:102765.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $37,357.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/2/2018 07:572772.75DTL v2 ES: Buy11/2/2018 07:572765.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $37,713.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/31/2018 08:002733.5SU BUY 2G10/31/2018 09:402741.25SU SELL 1G $381.00 Long $38,070.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/31/2018 07:572734.75DTL v2 ES: Buy10/31/2018 10:122727.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $37,689.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/29/2018 08:102713SU BUY 2G10/29/2018 09:102714.5SU SELL 1G $68.50 Long $38,045.50
@ESM23EmeraldS10/26/2018 09:402673.75SD SHORT 3G10/26/2018 10:502703.75Stop Loss $(1,506.50)Short $37,977.00
@ESM23EmeraldS10/23/2018 09:002726.5SD SHORT 3G10/23/2018 11:102737.5SD COVER 1R $(556.50)Short $39,483.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/19/2018 08:002809.25SU BUY 2G10/19/2018 10:102806SU SELL 1G $(169.00)Long $40,040.00
@ESM23EmeraldS10/18/2018 08:502824SD SHORT 3G10/18/2018 09:502796Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $40,209.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/16/2018 08:202798.75SU BUY 2G10/16/2018 14:002829.5End of Day Exit $1,531.00 Long $38,815.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/12/2018 08:202795.75SU BUY 2G10/12/2018 08:502789.5SU SELL 1G $(319.00)Long $37,284.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/3/2018 08:302960.75SU BUY 2G10/3/2018 09:302956.75SU SELL 1G $(206.50)Long $37,603.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/1/2018 08:002955.75SU BUY 2G10/1/2018 10:502952.25SU SELL 1G $(181.50)Long $37,810.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/1/2018 07:572956DTL v2 ES: Buy10/1/2018 12:092949Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $37,991.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/21/2018 07:572964.5DTL v2 ES: Buy9/21/2018 08:332957.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $38,348.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/20/2018 08:302949.5SU BUY 2G9/20/2018 14:002955.25End of Day Exit $281.00 Long $38,704.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/20/2018 07:572946.75DTL v2 ES: Buy9/20/2018 14:062955.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $431.00 Long $38,423.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/13/2018 08:002929.25SU BUY 2G9/13/2018 08:402922.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $37,992.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/13/2018 07:572927.25DTL v2 ES: Buy9/13/2018 08:512920.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $38,349.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/10/2018 07:572907.25DTL v2 ES: Buy9/10/2018 10:482900.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $38,705.50
@ESM23EmeraldS9/7/2018 08:102899SD SHORT 3G9/7/2018 08:402901.25SD COVER 1R $(119.00)Short $39,062.00
@ESM23EmeraldS9/4/2018 08:302920.75SD SHORT 3G9/4/2018 09:302921SD COVER 1R $(19.00)Short $39,181.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/3/2018 08:102932.5SU BUY 2G9/3/2018 09:502933.5SU SELL 1G $43.50 Long $39,200.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/3/2018 07:572931.75DTL v2 ES: Buy9/4/2018 07:392921Stop Loss $(544.00)Long $39,156.50
@ESM23EmeraldS8/31/2018 08:102924.25SD SHORT 3G8/31/2018 08:402927.5SD COVER 1R $(169.00)Short $39,700.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/29/2018 08:202926.25SU BUY 2G8/29/2018 12:202936.75SU SELL 1G $518.50 Long $39,869.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/28/2018 07:572925.75DTL v2 ES: Buy8/28/2018 09:542918.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $39,351.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/27/2018 08:002915SU BUY 2G8/27/2018 13:402920.25SU SELL 1G $256.00 Long $39,707.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/27/2018 07:572915.5DTL v2 ES: Buy8/27/2018 14:062921.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $281.00 Long $39,451.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/24/2018 08:302890.25SU BUY 2G8/24/2018 12:002896.75SU SELL 1G $318.50 Long $39,170.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/24/2018 07:572888.5DTL v2 ES: Buy8/24/2018 14:062898.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $506.00 Long $38,852.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/21/2018 08:002891.25SU BUY 2G8/21/2018 13:102891.25SU SELL 1G $(6.50)Long $38,346.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/21/2018 07:572890.5DTL v2 ES: Buy8/21/2018 14:062886.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $(219.00)Long $38,352.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/16/2018 08:202862.25SU BUY 2G8/16/2018 12:302870.75SU SELL 1G $418.50 Long $38,571.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/16/2018 07:572859.25DTL v2 ES: Buy8/16/2018 14:062867.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $393.50 Long $38,153.00
@ESM23EmeraldS8/15/2018 10:402838.5SD SHORT 3G8/15/2018 12:102835SD COVER 1R $168.50 Short $37,759.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/14/2018 08:402858.25SU BUY 2G8/14/2018 14:002864.25End of Day Exit $293.50 Long $37,591.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/13/2018 08:102864.75SU BUY 2G8/13/2018 10:202851.25SU SELL 1G $(681.50)Long $37,297.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/7/2018 08:202884.25SU BUY 2G8/7/2018 11:002885.75SU SELL 1G $68.50 Long $37,979.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/7/2018 07:572881.75DTL v2 ES: Buy8/7/2018 14:062883.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $93.50 Long $37,910.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/3/2018 08:302854.5SU BUY 2G8/3/2018 11:202858.25SU SELL 1G $181.00 Long $37,817.00
@ESM23EmeraldS8/2/2018 08:102826.5SD SHORT 3G8/2/2018 09:002831SD COVER 1R $(231.50)Short $37,636.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/25/2018 08:002848.5SU BUY 2G7/25/2018 08:402845.5SU SELL 1G $(156.50)Long $37,867.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/24/2018 08:302853.75SU BUY 2G7/24/2018 09:302847.25SU SELL 1G $(331.50)Long $38,024.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/24/2018 07:572850.25DTL v2 ES: Buy7/24/2018 11:242843.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $38,355.50
@ESM23EmeraldS7/19/2018 09:102829.25SD SHORT 3G7/19/2018 09:402831.75SD COVER 1R $(131.50)Short $38,712.00
@ESM23EmeraldS7/17/2018 08:102819.25SD SHORT 3G7/17/2018 08:402822.25SD COVER 1R $(156.50)Short $38,843.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/12/2018 08:202814.75SU BUY 2G7/12/2018 08:402817SU SELL 1G $106.00 Long $39,000.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/10/2018 09:202820.25SU BUY 2G7/10/2018 11:102817SU SELL 1G $(169.00)Long $38,894.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/10/2018 07:572816DTL v2 ES: Buy7/10/2018 14:062820.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $218.50 Long $39,063.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/9/2018 08:502800.5SU BUY 2G7/9/2018 11:502805.5SU SELL 1G $243.50 Long $38,844.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/9/2018 07:572801.25DTL v2 ES: Buy7/9/2018 14:062810.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $456.00 Long $38,601.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/6/2018 08:202769.75SU BUY 2G7/6/2018 14:002785End of Day Exit $756.00 Long $38,145.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/5/2018 07:572751.75DTL v2 ES: Buy7/5/2018 09:002744.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $37,389.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/29/2018 08:002760SU BUY 2G6/29/2018 11:202763.75SU SELL 1G $181.00 Long $37,745.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/27/2018 08:102765.25SU BUY 2G6/27/2018 09:502758.75SU SELL 1G $(331.50)Long $37,564.50
@ESM23EmeraldS6/25/2018 09:002754.25SD SHORT 3G6/25/2018 13:002726.25Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $37,896.00
@ESM23EmeraldS6/21/2018 09:102780.25SD SHORT 3G6/21/2018 12:302782.5SD COVER 1R $(119.00)Short $36,502.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/20/2018 07:572797.75DTL v2 ES: Buy6/20/2018 08:332790.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $36,621.50
@ESM23EmeraldS6/15/2018 09:202799.25SD SHORT 3G6/15/2018 11:402800.75SD COVER 1R $(81.50)Short $36,978.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/13/2018 08:002816.75SU BUY 2G6/13/2018 08:202816.5SU SELL 1G $(19.00)Long $37,059.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/11/2018 08:002810SU BUY 2G6/11/2018 09:302809.25SU SELL 1G $(44.00)Long $37,078.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/11/2018 07:572810DTL v2 ES: Buy6/11/2018 14:062809B3 Breakout ES: CL $(56.50)Long $37,122.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/5/2018 08:102776.5SU BUY 2G6/5/2018 09:302773.75SU SELL 1G $(144.00)Long $37,179.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/4/2018 08:002774.5SU BUY 2G6/4/2018 09:302767.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $37,323.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/4/2018 07:572775.25DTL v2 ES: Buy6/4/2018 08:332768.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $37,679.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/1/2018 08:002753.5SU BUY 2G6/1/2018 13:002761.5SU SELL 1G $393.50 Long $38,036.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/1/2018 07:572754.25DTL v2 ES: Buy6/1/2018 14:062760.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $306.00 Long $37,642.50
@ESM23EmeraldS5/31/2018 10:002746SD SHORT 3G5/31/2018 13:302737SD COVER 1R $443.50 Short $37,336.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/30/2018 08:302732.75SU BUY 2G5/30/2018 14:002750SU SELL 1G $856.00 Long $36,893.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/30/2018 07:572733.75DTL v2 ES: Buy5/30/2018 14:062750.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $831.00 Long $36,037.00
@ESM23EmeraldS5/29/2018 08:202735.25SD SHORT 3G5/29/2018 08:502731.5SD COVER 1R $181.00 Short $35,206.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/22/2018 08:202767.5SU BUY 2G5/22/2018 08:502763.5SU SELL 1G $(206.50)Long $35,025.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/21/2018 08:002762.5SU BUY 2G5/21/2018 09:302755.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $35,231.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/21/2018 07:572762.5DTL v2 ES: Buy5/21/2018 09:362755.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $35,588.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/16/2018 08:002745.5SU BUY 2G5/16/2018 12:502753SU SELL 1G $368.50 Long $35,944.50
@ESM23EmeraldS5/15/2018 11:002739.25SD SHORT 3G5/15/2018 13:002732.75SD COVER 1R $318.50 Short $35,576.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/14/2018 08:002764.75SU BUY 2G5/14/2018 10:502761.75SU SELL 1G $(156.50)Long $35,257.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/14/2018 07:572764.75DTL v2 ES: Buy5/14/2018 11:062757.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $35,414.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/11/2018 08:202756.25SU BUY 2G5/11/2018 10:102753.25SU SELL 1G $(156.50)Long $35,770.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/10/2018 08:502737SU BUY 2G5/10/2018 12:102745.5SU SELL 1G $418.50 Long $35,927.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/10/2018 07:572734.25DTL v2 ES: Buy5/10/2018 14:062746.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $606.00 Long $35,508.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/9/2018 08:302707.25SU BUY 2G5/9/2018 09:202701.5SU SELL 1G $(294.00)Long $34,902.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/9/2018 07:572706.75DTL v2 ES: Buy5/9/2018 09:002699.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $35,196.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/7/2018 08:002704SU BUY 2G5/7/2018 10:102704.25SU SELL 1G $6.00 Long $35,553.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/7/2018 07:572705DTL v2 ES: Buy5/7/2018 08:422698Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $35,547.00
@ESM23EmeraldS5/3/2018 10:102633.5SD SHORT 3G5/3/2018 11:202647.25SD COVER 1R $(694.00)Short $35,903.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/30/2018 08:002706.5SU BUY 2G4/30/2018 08:302699.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $36,597.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/30/2018 07:572707.75DTL v2 ES: Buy4/30/2018 08:332700.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $36,954.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/26/2018 08:202684SU BUY 2G4/26/2018 11:102688SU SELL 1G $193.50 Long $37,310.50
@ESM23EmeraldS4/25/2018 09:002658.5SD SHORT 3G4/25/2018 09:102656.5SD COVER 1R $93.50 Short $37,117.00
@ESM23EmeraldS4/19/2018 12:102714.5SD SHORT 3G4/19/2018 13:302718.5SD COVER 1R $(206.50)Short $37,023.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/17/2018 08:102725.75SU BUY 2G4/17/2018 11:402732.75SU SELL 1G $343.50 Long $37,230.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/17/2018 07:572726DTL v2 ES: Buy4/17/2018 14:062733.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $381.00 Long $36,886.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/12/2018 08:002691.75SU BUY 2G4/12/2018 09:202693.5SU SELL 1G $81.00 Long $36,505.50
@ESM23EmeraldS4/11/2018 08:102676.5SD SHORT 3G4/11/2018 08:202673.5SD COVER 1R $143.50 Short $36,424.50
@ESM23EmeraldS4/2/2018 10:502608.5SD SHORT 3G4/2/2018 12:102580.5Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $36,281.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/20/2018 08:002751.25SU BUY 2G3/20/2018 10:102745SU SELL 1G $(319.00)Long $34,887.50
@ESM23EmeraldS3/19/2018 12:102736.75SD SHORT 3G3/20/2018 07:402747.5Cover End Of Day $(544.00)Short $35,206.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/16/2018 08:002788.25SU BUY 2G3/16/2018 08:302789.25SU SELL 1G $43.50 Long $35,750.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/13/2018 08:002832.5SU BUY 2G3/13/2018 08:402825.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $35,707.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/13/2018 07:572833DTL v2 ES: Buy3/13/2018 08:062826Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $36,063.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/12/2018 08:002829.25SU BUY 2G3/12/2018 08:402822.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $36,420.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/12/2018 07:572828.25DTL v2 ES: Buy3/12/2018 08:422821.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $36,776.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/9/2018 08:102789.5SU BUY 2G3/9/2018 14:002818.5End of Day Exit $1,443.50 Long $37,133.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/9/2018 07:572786.75DTL v2 ES: Buy3/9/2018 14:062816.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,481.00 Long $35,689.50
@ESM23EmeraldS3/2/2018 08:202687.5SD SHORT 3G3/2/2018 09:202688.75SD COVER 1R $(69.00)Short $34,208.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/26/2018 09:002790.5SU BUY 2G2/26/2018 09:202794.5SU SELL 1G $193.50 Long $34,277.50
@ESM23EmeraldS2/19/2018 09:502760.75SD SHORT 3G2/19/2018 10:502763.5SD COVER 1R $(144.00)Short $34,084.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/15/2018 07:572746DTL v2 ES: Buy2/15/2018 08:242739Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $34,228.00
@ESM23EmeraldS2/8/2018 12:102675.25SD SHORT 3G2/8/2018 13:202647.25Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $34,584.50
@ESM23EmeraldS2/2/2018 08:502831SD SHORT 3G2/2/2018 12:302803Profit Target $1,393.50 Short $33,191.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/26/2018 08:102884SU BUY 2G1/26/2018 14:002905.25End of Day Exit $1,056.00 Long $31,797.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/24/2018 08:102883.5SU BUY 2G1/24/2018 10:002869.5SU SELL 1G $(706.50)Long $30,741.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/24/2018 07:572879.25DTL v2 ES: Buy1/24/2018 09:182872.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $31,448.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/23/2018 08:002873.5SU BUY 2G1/23/2018 08:102866.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $31,804.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/23/2018 07:572872.25DTL v2 ES: Buy1/23/2018 08:062865.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $32,161.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/19/2018 08:002840SU BUY 2G1/19/2018 09:302835SU SELL 1G $(256.50)Long $32,517.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/16/2018 08:002839SU BUY 2G1/16/2018 08:402832Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $32,774.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/15/2018 08:102826.5SU BUY 2G1/15/2018 14:002826.75End of Day Exit $6.00 Long $33,130.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/15/2018 07:572826DTL v2 ES: Buy1/16/2018 09:002826.5% Trailing Stop $18.50 Long $33,124.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/12/2018 08:002808.5SU BUY 2G1/12/2018 11:102816.5SU SELL 1G $393.50 Long $33,106.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/12/2018 07:572807.5DTL v2 ES: Buy1/12/2018 14:062820.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $631.00 Long $32,712.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/11/2018 08:202790.75SU BUY 2G1/11/2018 12:402795.5SU SELL 1G $231.00 Long $32,081.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/9/2018 08:302785.25SU BUY 2G1/9/2018 09:002782.75SU SELL 1G $(131.50)Long $31,850.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/9/2018 07:572785DTL v2 ES: Buy1/9/2018 14:062783.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $(94.00)Long $31,982.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/5/2018 08:102762.5SU BUY 2G1/5/2018 08:202764SU SELL 1G $68.50 Long $32,076.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/4/2018 08:402759.25SU BUY 2G1/4/2018 10:002755.25SU SELL 1G $(206.50)Long $32,007.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/4/2018 07:572753.25DTL v2 ES: Buy1/4/2018 14:062755B3 Breakout ES: CL $81.00 Long $32,214.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/3/2018 08:002734.5SU BUY 2G1/3/2018 12:202741.25SU SELL 1G $331.00 Long $32,133.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/3/2018 07:572734DTL v2 ES: Buy1/3/2018 14:062744.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $518.50 Long $31,802.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/29/2017 07:572720.5DTL v2 ES: Buy12/29/2017 12:002713.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $31,283.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/18/2017 07:572729DTL v2 ES: Buy12/18/2017 14:062727B3 Breakout ES: CL $(106.50)Long $31,640.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/15/2017 08:002700SU BUY 2G12/15/2017 08:202700.5SU SELL 1G $18.50 Long $31,746.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/12/2017 09:002699.75SU BUY 2G12/12/2017 12:302704.25SU SELL 1G $218.50 Long $31,728.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/11/2017 08:102691.5SU BUY 2G12/11/2017 10:202691.75SU SELL 1G $6.00 Long $31,509.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/8/2017 08:102682SU BUY 2G12/8/2017 08:402681.25SU SELL 1G $(44.00)Long $31,503.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/8/2017 07:572681DTL v2 ES: Buy12/8/2017 14:062685.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $231.00 Long $31,547.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL12/7/2017 08:002665.75SU BUY 2G12/7/2017 08:302666SU SELL 1G $6.00 Long $31,316.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a12/4/2017 07:572696.25DTL v2 ES: Buy12/4/2017 09:002689.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $31,310.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/30/2017 08:202673.25SU BUY 2G11/30/2017 13:302679SU SELL 1G $281.00 Long $31,667.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/30/2017 07:572672.25DTL v2 ES: Buy11/30/2017 14:062677.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $256.00 Long $31,386.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/29/2017 08:002665.25SU BUY 2G11/29/2017 09:302661.5SU SELL 1G $(194.00)Long $31,130.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/28/2017 08:202642.5SU BUY 2G11/28/2017 14:002661.5End of Day Exit $943.50 Long $31,324.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/28/2017 07:572640.25DTL v2 ES: Buy11/28/2017 14:062660.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $1,006.00 Long $30,380.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/27/2017 08:002640.25SU BUY 2G11/27/2017 10:002635.5SU SELL 1G $(244.00)Long $29,374.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/24/2017 09:202637SU BUY 2G11/24/2017 14:002636.5End of Day Exit $(31.50)Long $29,618.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/24/2017 07:572635.25DTL v2 ES: Buy11/27/2017 14:062636.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $68.50 Long $29,650.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/21/2017 08:002630.25SU BUY 2G11/21/2017 11:402633.75SU SELL 1G $168.50 Long $29,581.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/21/2017 07:572630.75DTL v2 ES: Buy11/21/2017 14:062631.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $43.50 Long $29,413.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/16/2017 08:002610.5SU BUY 2G11/16/2017 13:402622SU SELL 1G $568.50 Long $29,369.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/16/2017 07:572610.5DTL v2 ES: Buy11/16/2017 14:062619B3 Breakout ES: CL $418.50 Long $28,801.00
@ESM23EmeraldS11/13/2017 08:102612.75SD SHORT 3G11/13/2017 08:502614.25SD COVER 1R $(81.50)Short $28,382.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/7/2017 08:002628SU BUY 2G11/7/2017 08:502621Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $28,464.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/7/2017 07:572628DTL v2 ES: Buy11/7/2017 08:512621Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $28,820.50
@ESM23EmeraldS11/2/2017 09:002605.5SD SHORT 3G11/2/2017 09:302605.5SD COVER 1R $(6.50)Short $29,177.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL11/1/2017 08:002619SU BUY 2G11/1/2017 09:202615.75SU SELL 1G $(169.00)Long $29,183.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a11/1/2017 07:572619.25DTL v2 ES: Buy11/1/2017 09:362612.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $29,352.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/27/2017 08:102601.5SU BUY 2G10/27/2017 14:002613.5End of Day Exit $593.50 Long $29,709.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/27/2017 07:572600DTL v2 ES: Buy10/27/2017 14:062612.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $631.00 Long $29,115.50
@ESM23EmeraldS10/25/2017 11:102583SD SHORT 3G10/25/2017 12:502588SD COVER 1R $(256.50)Short $28,484.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/23/2017 08:102610SU BUY 2G10/23/2017 08:502609SU SELL 1G $(56.50)Long $28,741.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/20/2017 07:572602.5DTL v2 ES: Buy10/20/2017 14:062608B3 Breakout ES: CL $268.50 Long $28,797.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/16/2017 08:002592SU BUY 2G10/16/2017 09:002588.25SU SELL 1G $(194.00)Long $28,529.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/10/2017 08:002586.25SU BUY 2G10/10/2017 08:302579.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $28,723.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/10/2017 07:572587.5DTL v2 ES: Buy10/10/2017 08:242580.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $29,079.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/5/2017 08:002575SU BUY 2G10/5/2017 12:502583SU SELL 1G $393.50 Long $29,436.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/5/2017 07:572574.5DTL v2 ES: Buy10/5/2017 14:062585.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $543.50 Long $29,042.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL10/2/2017 08:002554.5SU BUY 2G10/2/2017 10:302557SU SELL 1G $118.50 Long $28,499.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a10/2/2017 07:572554.25DTL v2 ES: Buy10/2/2017 14:062561.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $368.50 Long $28,380.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/29/2017 08:002542.75SU BUY 2G9/29/2017 08:202543.75SU SELL 1G $43.50 Long $28,012.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/26/2017 08:002535.25SU BUY 2G9/26/2017 09:302530.75SU SELL 1G $(231.50)Long $27,968.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/26/2017 07:572535DTL v2 ES: Buy9/26/2017 09:362528Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $28,200.00
@ESM23EmeraldS9/21/2017 09:002535.75SD SHORT 3G9/21/2017 09:502536.75SD COVER 1R $(56.50)Short $28,556.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/18/2017 08:002540.25SU BUY 2G9/18/2017 10:202539.5SU SELL 1G $(44.00)Long $28,613.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/18/2017 07:572539.75DTL v2 ES: Buy9/18/2017 12:452532.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $28,657.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/12/2017 09:202525SU BUY 2G9/12/2017 09:402525SU SELL 1G $(6.50)Long $29,013.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/12/2017 07:572526.25DTL v2 ES: Buy9/12/2017 14:062528.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $93.50 Long $29,020.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/11/2017 08:002514.25SU BUY 2G9/11/2017 13:002520.5SU SELL 1G $306.00 Long $28,926.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a9/11/2017 07:572513.5DTL v2 ES: Buy9/11/2017 14:062520.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $343.50 Long $28,620.50
@ESM23EmeraldS9/4/2017 08:202499.75SD SHORT 3G9/4/2017 09:102501.25SD COVER 1R $(81.50)Short $28,277.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL9/1/2017 08:002510.25SU BUY 2G9/1/2017 10:002509.25SU SELL 1G $(56.50)Long $28,358.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/31/2017 08:202501.5SU BUY 2G8/31/2017 10:402502SU SELL 1G $18.50 Long $28,415.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/31/2017 07:572498.5DTL v2 ES: Buy8/31/2017 14:062503.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $231.00 Long $28,396.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/30/2017 08:002480.75SU BUY 2G8/30/2017 14:002490.25End of Day Exit $468.50 Long $28,165.50
@ESM23EmeraldS8/29/2017 08:102468.25SD SHORT 3G8/29/2017 08:202466.75SD COVER 1R $68.50 Short $27,697.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/25/2017 08:002480.25SU BUY 2G8/25/2017 09:502476.5SU SELL 1G $(194.00)Long $27,628.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/25/2017 07:572480DTL v2 ES: Buy8/25/2017 14:062477B3 Breakout ES: CL $(156.50)Long $27,822.50
@ESM23EmeraldS8/23/2017 08:102478.25SD SHORT 3G8/23/2017 08:202475.25SD COVER 1R $143.50 Short $27,979.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/22/2017 08:002474SU BUY 2G8/22/2017 14:002484.75End of Day Exit $531.00 Long $27,835.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/22/2017 07:572473.5DTL v2 ES: Buy8/22/2017 14:062484B3 Breakout ES: CL $518.50 Long $27,304.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/16/2017 08:202503SU BUY 2G8/16/2017 12:102501SU SELL 1G $(106.50)Long $26,786.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/14/2017 08:002493SU BUY 2G8/14/2017 11:202498.5SU SELL 1G $268.50 Long $26,892.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/14/2017 07:572493DTL v2 ES: Buy8/14/2017 14:062496.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $181.00 Long $26,624.00
@ESM23EmeraldS8/10/2017 08:502489SD SHORT 3G8/10/2017 13:102481.75SD COVER 1R $356.00 Short $26,443.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/7/2017 09:402507.75SU BUY 2G8/7/2017 14:002511End of Day Exit $156.00 Long $26,087.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL8/4/2017 08:002509.75SU BUY 2G8/4/2017 08:102502.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $25,931.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a8/4/2017 07:572510DTL v2 ES: Buy8/4/2017 08:152503Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $26,287.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/25/2017 08:102508.75SU BUY 2G7/25/2017 08:302509SU SELL 1G $6.00 Long $26,644.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/25/2017 07:572508.5DTL v2 ES: Buy7/25/2017 14:062507B3 Breakout ES: CL $(81.50)Long $26,638.00
@ESM23EmeraldS7/24/2017 10:102499.5SD SHORT 3G7/24/2017 10:502500.5SD COVER 1R $(56.50)Short $26,719.50
@ESM23EmeraldS7/21/2017 08:502499.25SD SHORT 3G7/21/2017 09:102497SD COVER 1R $106.00 Short $26,776.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/19/2017 08:002497.25SU BUY 2G7/19/2017 14:002504End of Day Exit $331.00 Long $26,670.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/19/2017 07:572497.5DTL v2 ES: Buy7/19/2017 14:062503.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $306.00 Long $26,339.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/14/2017 08:002482.75SU BUY 2G7/14/2017 13:202490.75SU SELL 1G $393.50 Long $26,033.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/14/2017 07:572483DTL v2 ES: Buy7/14/2017 14:062489B3 Breakout ES: CL $293.50 Long $25,639.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/13/2017 08:202478SU BUY 2G7/13/2017 09:002473.75SU SELL 1G $(219.00)Long $25,346.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/12/2017 08:002473.75SU BUY 2G7/12/2017 09:302473SU SELL 1G $(44.00)Long $25,565.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/12/2017 07:572473.25DTL v2 ES: Buy7/12/2017 14:062474.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $56.00 Long $25,609.00
@ESM23EmeraldS7/11/2017 08:202455.5SD SHORT 3G7/11/2017 09:002458.25SD COVER 1R $(144.00)Short $25,553.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL7/3/2017 08:002467.5SU BUY 2G7/3/2017 10:202460.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $25,697.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a7/3/2017 07:572467DTL v2 ES: Buy7/3/2017 10:212460Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $26,053.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/30/2017 08:002461SU BUY 2G6/30/2017 08:402455.25SU SELL 1G $(294.00)Long $26,410.00
@ESM23EmeraldS6/29/2017 12:302447.5SD SHORT 3G6/29/2017 13:402451SD COVER 1R $(181.50)Short $26,704.00
@ESM23EmeraldS6/27/2017 08:202465.25SD SHORT 3G6/27/2017 09:302468.75SD COVER 1R $(181.50)Short $26,885.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/26/2017 08:002478.5SU BUY 2G6/26/2017 08:502471.5Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $27,067.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/26/2017 07:572479.25DTL v2 ES: Buy6/26/2017 08:422472.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $27,423.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/19/2017 08:002476SU BUY 2G6/19/2017 11:002481.5SU SELL 1G $268.50 Long $27,780.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/19/2017 07:572475.5DTL v2 ES: Buy6/19/2017 14:062483B3 Breakout ES: CL $368.50 Long $27,511.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/13/2017 08:002467.75SU BUY 2G6/13/2017 09:202464.75SU SELL 1G $(156.50)Long $27,143.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a6/13/2017 07:572467.75DTL v2 ES: Buy6/13/2017 14:062470.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $143.50 Long $27,299.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL6/9/2017 08:102471.25SU BUY 2G6/9/2017 11:002468.5SU SELL 1G $(144.00)Long $27,156.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/29/2017 07:572447.25DTL v2 ES: Buy5/30/2017 07:392440.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $27,300.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/25/2017 08:102441.75SU BUY 2G5/25/2017 10:202442.5SU SELL 1G $31.00 Long $27,656.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/25/2017 07:572440.75DTL v2 ES: Buy5/25/2017 14:062444.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $168.50 Long $27,625.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/22/2017 08:002421.25SU BUY 2G5/22/2017 09:102417.5SU SELL 1G $(194.00)Long $27,457.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/19/2017 08:002406.25SU BUY 2G5/19/2017 13:502411.5SU SELL 1G $256.00 Long $27,651.00
@ESM23EmeraldS5/17/2017 10:102405.75SD SHORT 3G5/18/2017 07:402385.25Cover End Of Day $1,018.50 Short $27,395.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/16/2017 08:102433SU BUY 2G5/16/2017 09:102427SU SELL 1G $(306.50)Long $26,376.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/15/2017 08:002427.5SU BUY 2G5/15/2017 11:302430.75SU SELL 1G $156.00 Long $26,683.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/15/2017 07:572427.5DTL v2 ES: Buy5/15/2017 14:062429.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $106.00 Long $26,527.00
@ESM23EmeraldS5/11/2017 09:202415.75SD SHORT 3G5/11/2017 11:102418.5SD COVER 1R $(144.00)Short $26,421.00
@ESM23EmeraldS5/10/2017 09:102423SD SHORT 3G5/10/2017 09:502425.5SD COVER 1R $(131.50)Short $26,565.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL5/9/2017 08:102429SU BUY 2G5/9/2017 09:402427.5SU SELL 1G $(81.50)Long $26,696.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/9/2017 07:572427.75DTL v2 ES: Buy5/9/2017 13:482420.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $26,778.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a5/1/2017 07:572415DTL v2 ES: Buy5/1/2017 14:062416.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $68.50 Long $27,134.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/26/2017 08:202418.5SU BUY 2G4/26/2017 11:502423.25SU SELL 1G $231.00 Long $27,066.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/25/2017 08:002413.75SU BUY 2G4/25/2017 10:202416.5SU SELL 1G $131.00 Long $26,835.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/25/2017 07:572414.25DTL v2 ES: Buy4/25/2017 14:062415.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $43.50 Long $26,704.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/24/2017 07:572399.75DTL v2 ES: Buy4/24/2017 14:062400.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $31.00 Long $26,660.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/19/2017 09:202375.75SU BUY 2G4/19/2017 10:302372.25SU SELL 1G $(181.50)Long $26,629.50
@ESM23EmeraldS4/11/2017 10:502376.25SD SHORT 3G4/11/2017 11:302378.25SD COVER 1R $(106.50)Short $26,811.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/10/2017 08:002390.75SU BUY 2G4/10/2017 10:002384SU SELL 1G $(344.00)Long $26,917.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL4/5/2017 08:002400SU BUY 2G4/5/2017 10:402402.25SU SELL 1G $106.00 Long $27,261.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a4/5/2017 07:572398.25DTL v2 ES: Buy4/5/2017 13:122391.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $27,155.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/15/2017 08:102399.5SU BUY 2G3/15/2017 08:402401SU SELL 1G $68.50 Long $27,512.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/15/2017 07:572398.75DTL v2 ES: Buy3/15/2017 14:062412.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $668.50 Long $27,443.50
@ESM23EmeraldS3/14/2017 11:402392.25SD SHORT 3G3/14/2017 11:502392.25SD COVER 1R $(6.50)Short $26,775.00
@ESM23EmeraldS3/6/2017 08:202400.75SD SHORT 3G3/6/2017 12:002402.75SD COVER 1R $(106.50)Short $26,781.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL3/1/2017 08:202415.25SU BUY 2G3/1/2017 14:002423End of Day Exit $381.00 Long $26,888.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a3/1/2017 07:572410.75DTL v2 ES: Buy3/1/2017 14:062422.75B3 Breakout ES: CL $593.50 Long $26,507.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/21/2017 08:002386SU BUY 2G2/21/2017 11:302387.75SU SELL 1G $81.00 Long $25,913.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/13/2017 08:002349.25SU BUY 2G2/13/2017 13:202354.5SU SELL 1G $256.00 Long $25,832.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/13/2017 07:572349DTL v2 ES: Buy2/13/2017 14:062354.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $256.00 Long $25,576.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/10/2017 08:002337.5SU BUY 2G2/10/2017 14:002340.75End of Day Exit $156.00 Long $25,320.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/10/2017 07:572337.5DTL v2 ES: Buy2/10/2017 14:062340.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $143.50 Long $25,164.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/9/2017 08:202324.5SU BUY 2G2/9/2017 11:402333.25SU SELL 1G $431.00 Long $25,021.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/7/2017 08:002322SU BUY 2G2/7/2017 09:502318.25SU SELL 1G $(194.00)Long $24,590.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/7/2017 07:572322.25DTL v2 ES: Buy2/7/2017 10:392315.25Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $24,784.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL2/3/2017 08:202316SU BUY 2G2/3/2017 11:302320.75SU SELL 1G $231.00 Long $25,140.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/3/2017 07:572313DTL v2 ES: Buy2/3/2017 14:062320.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $356.00 Long $24,909.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a2/1/2017 07:572311DTL v2 ES: Buy2/1/2017 08:422304Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $24,553.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/25/2017 08:202317.25SU BUY 2G1/25/2017 11:202319.25SU SELL 1G $93.50 Long $24,910.00
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/25/2017 07:572314DTL v2 ES: Buy1/25/2017 14:062321.5B3 Breakout ES: CL $368.50 Long $24,816.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/24/2017 09:202295.25SU BUY 2G1/24/2017 14:002303.25End of Day Exit $393.50 Long $24,448.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/20/2017 09:202298.5SU BUY 2G1/20/2017 10:102297.25SU SELL 1G $(69.00)Long $24,054.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/13/2017 08:002300.25SU BUY 2G1/13/2017 08:502299.75SU SELL 1G $(31.50)Long $24,123.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/13/2017 07:572300.75DTL v2 ES: Buy1/13/2017 14:062298.25B3 Breakout ES: CL $(131.50)Long $24,155.00
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/4/2017 08:002288.25SU BUY 2G1/4/2017 09:502291.5SU SELL 1G $156.00 Long $24,286.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/4/2017 07:572288.75DTL v2 ES: Buy1/4/2017 14:062292B3 Breakout ES: CL $156.00 Long $24,130.50
@ESM23Emerald LONG DTL1/3/2017 08:202286.25SU BUY 2G1/3/2017 09:402273SU SELL 1G $(669.00)Long $23,974.50
@ESM23DTL_v2a1/3/2017 07:572277.75DTL v2 ES: Buy1/3/2017 09:452270.75Stop Loss $(356.50)Long $24,643.50

The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. Trading futures involves substantial risk of loss and is not appropriate for all investors.

CFTC RULE 4.41: Results are based on simulated or hypothetical performance results that have certain inherent limitations. Unlike the results shown in an actual performance record, these results do not represent actual trading. Also, because these trades have not actually been executed, these results may have under-or over-compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated or hypothetical trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to these being shown.  


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    Setup a time to discuss which system you would like to trade. During this time, we will answer any questions you might have including the pricing and provide you with a list of brokers supported. Once you have decided on a system, we will send you a sales order along with the payment instructions.

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    Once you decide on the system and how much you prefer to trade, we will send you a license agreement electronically. We will also introduce you to the NFA Registered Broker you decided to use. They will help you open & fund the trading account.

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    The Algorithms will begin trading. You will be able to follow along in real time on your Smart Phone (iPhone or Android).  You will also receive daily statements from the broker.

Start Auto-Trading Today With The Trader Plus Trading System provides trading algorithms based on a computerized system, which is also available for use on a personal computer. All customers receive the same signals within any given algorithm package. All advice is impersonal and not tailored to any specific individual's unique situation., and its principles, are not required to register with the NFA as a CTA and are publicly claiming this exemption. Information posted online or distributed through email has NOT been reviewed by any government agencies — this includes but is not limited to back-tested reports, statements and any other marketing materials. Carefully consider this prior to purchasing our algorithms. For more information on the exemption we are claiming, please visit the NFA website: If you are in need of professional advice unique to your situation, please consult with a licensed broker/CTA.

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CFTC RULE 4.41 - Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not been executed, the results may have under — or over — compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profit or losses similar to those shown.

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* Published percentage per month is based on back-tested results (see limitations on back-testing above) using the corresponding package. This includes reasonable slippage and commission. This does NOT include fees we charge for licensing the algorithms which varies based on account size. Refer to our license agreement for full risk disclosure.